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Hey, names Cassian. If I like you, you can call me Cass. See you around yeah. //20// And We're Back Baby ! //Emily Granger//

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Play life like Gryffindor plays quidditch... always win.

Em Granger x

Check here for the info bits x

I'm Cassian, last name Russo. I'm the family anomalie, only Gryff in a long line of snakes. Not that my family really care, theyre not like that. I mean my dad married a muggleborn so as you can see theres no 'blood purity' bullshit here, I guess that makes dad an anomalie too, huh, must be where I get it. I have three siblings, Romero is the eldest, a third year Slytherin. Smart wanker that one, heck good at potions and duelling. He's the next head of the family [only one that could handle it to be honest}, I wouldnt want that pressure. Next you've got my younger sister Elaine. She's a first year like me. Wicked, cunning little snake she is, always up to something [Nine times out of Ten I'm up to it with her], she is pretty smart though so she rarely gets caught. She's scary when she wants to be, so is Romero, I think it's the unresolved anger issues and deeply rooted, unpackaged trauma that every Slytherin seems to have. Lastly theres Knox, hes 10 so not much to say there, kid likes plants, and quidditch... and books. [ Mum smacks me when i say it but i reckon he'll be a hufflepuff ;) ].

We live in Cornwall in this big ass manor, it pays to come from a long line of rich, dark wizards does'nt it. A couple years back dad set up this quidditch pitch for Christmas and I spend practically all my time out there. We've got horses and Mum turned half the property into 'the secret garden on steroids' so its a pretty nice place. So yeah, I like quidditch, also drawing, seeing my mates and learning hexes and jinxes [Proves for some good mischeif]. 

Theres also Carmen, she needs an honourable mention. Carmen Crepusculum, she's my best mate. Our families run in the same circles and we met that way at a gala, a straight up pureblood convention. Didn't take too long to figure out that neither of us wanted to be there and despite her families blood purist beliefs, Carmen was the further thing from a death eater. So we ditched the party, but not before spiking the wine with a home made potion of hers... she's a potions genius, I swear, the guests were still trying to get neon colours out of their hair for days. Ever since then we've been thick as theives. She always has my back and I've got hers. We've travelled together, I want to experience life in all corners of the world and Carmen ?... well Carmen wants to experience all kinds of people in all corners of the world, so we work. My favourite person, the best person. 

I don't have the same 'love for knowledge' as my siblings, I get by well enough in school but I could always use some work with my studies, so feel free to offer yourself as a study partner ;)

Can't think of what else to write so thats enough for now. I'll see you in class, in the halls or in my common. Come say hello, I dont bite, Im no snake x

Yours, Cassian



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