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Hii, my name's Aliyah Malfoy, I'm 16. I'm a pure-blood slytherin and wasn't a hatsall. My wand is a Vine wood with a dragon heartstring core, it's 13 1/4" , with slightly yielding flexibility. I'm currently taking Defence Against the Dark Arts and Charms, and my dream job is to become an Auror. I have 3 bestfriends, they are Eleanor Weasley, Alejandro Fernandez and Grayson Dawson. Eleanor is a first year in Gryffindor. We've known each other since we were born, and our families have been bestfriends since our parents have attended hogwarts, so you can imagine that we're inseperable. Alejandro and Grayson are first year slytherins like me. Eleanor and I have known them since we were all 7. I also have a muggle friend called Mateo. I met him in the woods near my house 1 year ago and have been friends ever since. 

My parents are Odessa and Xavier Malfoy and are both Aurors. I have two brothers, Otrix and Olaros, who are 5 year old twins, and an older sister, Winter, who is 20. We own a 1 year old Pitbull named Storm, he, much like the rest of my family, doesn't like muggles. I don't know much about muggles since my parents hate them so much, but Winter is working in the muggle world so she tells me stories about them. I don't know why she works with muggles cause they're weird, I'm starting not to like them either (other than Mateo ofc). My parents don't necessarily like where winter works, but I guess it's not their decision to make. 

I like animals, magical creatures, music and some sports. I tried to take up reading, but I got very bored, very quickly. I have 2 very irrational fears, spiders and heights. If you want to be friends, or just want to talk, don't be shy to hmu (:

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