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You become what you think about

::UNDERCONSTRUCTION:: If you want to talk to use in owl make sure to but the name of the person you want to talk to - All

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TO Violet "Vioze"

Dear my favorite person in the whole world, rest in peace woman. I am so mad at you for leaving me alone to living this icky icky world, with icky icky people, you make me so happy and I was so fucking heartbroken that you are gone. Geez girl, like seriously you gave me a panic attack when miss girl Savannah posted on my wall and there were just 2 words, "she is gone" I lost it then....and yeah...but you are happy now no tin pain so that okay...You should go meet my grandfather he is my hero, he is the sweetest guy out there and he means the world to me. I shall never forget you amazing kind loving person that you are.

"The best time for a new beginning is now."

1. Please don't spread hate
2. Don't steal nicknames that aren't your's
3. Be respectful of are sexualities
4. You can advertise, but only once
5. Please don't post on comment/post that isn't yours, or you will be blocked
6. If you don't like our significant others, don't come telling us to break up with them
7. Don't spam us or you will be blocked
8. If you are homophobic/tranphobic/other types that are just dumb then please don't post on our wall.
9. We dont follow everyone, only people that we trust so if we dont follow you, don't keep asking us too
10. If you need to vent feel free to shoot and owl or post on our wall 

Franklyn Lawson (nee Addison)
Still Deciding
Irl: Crushing on a Dork
HiH: Engaged (Eli)+Married (Saw)+Married (Mil)+Taken (Bla)
They/Them (Female)
Lots of Lovely Children

AnnaSophia Greene
Irl: Mine (March 4th, 2022)
HiH: Not looking
She/Her (Female)

Brielle Winston
Bisexual + Poly (0:3)
Irl: Single
HiH: Single
She/Her (Female)

Jenny Weston (nee Wright)
Irl: Married
HiH: Single (Not Interested)
She/Her (Female)
Rene Opal

"You kinda owe it to yourself  to do all the things you've dreamed."

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