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Character Infromation 

Place of Birth
- Kyoto, Japan

Blood status- unknown 

pronouns- He/him

zodiac sign- Sagittarius 

personality type: ENTP 3w4

Date of Birth- November 29, 2003

Sexuality- labels are for pussies, I get with who I want

Looks- 6' 1", black hair in a wolf cut, dark brown eyes, lots of tattoos (known for the snakes wrapping around my collarbones), lean

Style- acubi, wears lots of rings, headphones, converse >>>, baggy pants are my lifeline

- yew wood and dragon heartstring, 13 and 3/4 inches 

Pet- has a pet crow named Fig 

Patronus- Erythrolamprus ornatus (snake)

Animagus- crow

boggart- ur mom

Amorentia- myself (very amazing cologne, you should try it)

Mirror of erised- lots of money so I can buy Canada

Quidditch- announcer dude

Favorite hallow- invisibility cloak (do you know how many people you could prank?!)

Likes- myself, lollies

Dislikes- u

Hobbies- artist (graffiti is my favorite, but mcgonagall disagrees), skateboarding, makeup, fashion, looking at myself in the mirror


I was born in Kyoto Japan 17 years ago to a pair of parents I never knew. At the age of three I was adopted by my two amazing moms and brought to the UK. I was 8 when I started showing signs of magical powers, my moms were scared at first, but then they understood. At 11 I was accepted into Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I was sorted into Slytherin where I would meet my three best friends, Arron Riddle, Henry Dursley, and Imogene Malfoy. We were like the modern day marauders, at least that's what the teachers called us. Most say every good group has the following, there's the ugly one (Arron), the jokester (Me ofc), the muscle (Henry), and the innocent (Imogene).


My OCs


RP info

-I prefer 3rd person 

-I have no triggers, but tell me if you have any (except apparently i get triggered by the * symbol according to the beautiful lavendar potter)

-please respond in over 3 sentences and use correct grammar. Please don't use the * when writing. 

-don't control my character

-I will not be doing any 18+ romances seeing as I am a minor. Find another genre to do 

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