Nymira Blackwater


Open to RP's or just to chat if anyone needs it. Owl me❤️.

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Hufflepuff student.

Looking to create the new generation of marauders.

Name: Nymira Blackwater


Year: 1

Patronous: Badger

Wand: Hawthorn, unicorn hair core, 9 1/2 inches, quiet bendy flexibility

Apperence: waist length Auburn hair, usually left loose of in a ponytail. Fair skin. 5'4". Three jagged scars on her right hand from the werewolf attack.

Pets:a small red dragon with golden underbelly, with a sever case of dwarfism called Smaug.

Hobbies: baking, singing, drawing, writting music, creating potions, collecting secondhand textbooks purely just to look at the notes, her favourites are when she finds ones by the Weasley twins or Sirius Black. They always have noted on pranks or weird candy recipes.

Breif Backstory: Nymira Blackwater lives with her cousin Cedric Diggory and his family. She is the daughter of Cedric's mother's sister. Unfortunately she lost her mother in an accident involving a rogue werewolf in which she herself was attacked and came down with the condition. Dumbledore had found her and had fostered her until he reunited her with Cedric's family. She is not the most well versed in magic even though Cedric's family did try to teach her all they knew from when they first adopted her at the age of six. At this point in time she is very behind for her age. She is 15 but is in the first year due to Dumbledore and Cedric's parents not thinking that it was safe for her or others to go to Hogwarts until she could control her condition better.

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