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15 | pureblood | if you wanna be friends, talk or rp, hmu

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Idk why should have to know everything about me but I'll tell you anyways ig, even thought it's really none of your business (unless your my friends, in which case you already know this)

I'm 15, a pure-blood slytherin(coming from a long line ofc) and I obviously wasn't a hatstall. I'm currently taking herbology. I want to be an Auror like my dad when I finish school. I have a bestfriend named Grayson who I've known since birth, and two others called Eleanor and Aliyah who Grayson and I have known since we were 7. My patronus is a doe.

My parents are Valeria and Carlos Fernandez. My mum works for the department of magical law enforcement and my dad is an Auror. I have two younger siblings named Valentina and Marco. Like most Slytherin pure-blood families, my family thinks that muggles are a waste of space, but i don't really have an opinion on them. 

I like Quidditch, my cat Brísa, music and my friends. I hate reading, studying and family functions (too many Tía's). If you want to be friends, talk or even rp, owl me or post on my wall idrc.


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