Cassie Black

Ravenclaw Student

My name’s Cassiopia Black, but you can call me Cassie! I love to read and am quite studious. My favourite subjects are Herbology and DADA.

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I found this and thought I'd share it with people: 

ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ


ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ

Name: Cassiopeia Black 

Nickname: Cassie

Parents: Regulus Black and Vivienne Prince

House: Ravenclaw 

Personality: smart, cunning, perfectionist, control freak, passionate, strong beliefs, good heart

Amortentia: book pages, chocolate frogs, morning dew, damp earth, petrol

Appearance: long wavy blonde hair, blue-grey eyes, tall, athletic

Boggart: her brother leaving her

Mirror of erised: Her with her father

Patronus: Can’t Produce one ‘till 5th year but when she does it’s a Great horned owl

Blood status: Pure-Blood

Backstory: Cassie’s father left to destroy the Horcrux locket when she was one. As he never came back, Vivienne Prince was left to raise Cassie and her older brother Perseus on her own. She grew up with her mother and grandparents in a manor. She received her Hogwarts letter the same year as the golden trio and was sorted into Ravenclaw. When her mother died in the battle of Hogwarts, it was just her and Perseus. She lives in constant fear that he will leave her and that she will be alone.

ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ


Quote: "Knowledge is a weapon. I intend to be formidably armed!’


ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ


Name: Isadora Abbott 

Nickname: Isa, Dora

Parents: Rhonda Abbott and Tony Abbott

House: Ravenclaw 

Personality: Smart, passionate, messy, loyal, untrusting, strong beliefs, good heart

Amortentia: book pages, fresh cookies, morning dew, damp earth, coffee

Appearance: long straight brown hair, hazel eyes, medium hight, athletic

Boggart: Her parents and sister dead

Mirror of erised: Her seeing her dead family

Patronus: Can’t Produce one ‘till 4th year but when she does it’s an adder

Blood status: Pure-Blood

Backstory: When she was a kid her whole family was murdered by death eaters. She grew up in fear but associates herself with death eater spawn to protect her family. She's just afraid that she will be left alone.


ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ ஐஐஐஐ


Name: Austin Greengrass



Nickname: Aust, Auzzy



Parents: Florian and Adorabella Greengrass



House: Ravenclaw



Personality: He can be loud. He's untrusting until you get to know him but can be quite sweet.



Amortentia: Books, mint, cinnamon and chocolate



Appearance: He has messy black hair and hazel eyes. He's tall and skinny.



Boggart: Darker version of himself



Mirror of Erised: A stable and loving family



Patronus: Beagle



Blood-status: Pure blood



Backstory: Austin grew up in an abusive household. He no longer gets along with his parents, especially when they killed his muggleborn girlfriend. He is afraid to tell them he's Pansexual incase they disown him

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