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Magic oc's

Name: Luna Moore

(honestly I picked the last name randomly)

House: Ravenclaw

parents: Max Moore (muggleborn) Amber Moore (Pureblood and ministry worker)

boggart: not having friends

apperance: Bright red hair, so much so that she is sometimes 

patronus: red fox (used to be pine marten)

backstory: when she was 10 her mum had to look after this cursed fox for the night until her mum could bring it to the ministry. It had one red eye and one blue eye. one night Luna went into the foxes room to check on it, when she went inside, she heard its thoughts like normal. it was like two parts of its brain were arguing, the red eye part was trying to get it to attack her and the blue eye part was trying to stop it. the fox was cursed by a dark wizard with the imperious curse to try attack her family. eventually the red eye part got angry and killed the blue eyed part. the blue eye closed and a scar closed over it. The fox attacked her, biting her and giving her one red and one blue eye. she hides them using magic. it also gave her the ability to turn into a fox, but if she stays like that too long, a scar will close over her blue eye and she wont be able to control what she does.

Name: Amber Wolf

(No pun intended)

House: Ravenclaw 

parents: Amos Wolf, Audrey Wolf.

blood statis: pureblood

boggart: her family hating her

patronus: germen sheperd 

first apperance: Amber stood in the clump of first years about to get sorted into their classes. the sorting hat had just sung a song, something about what it was like before hogwarts and how four brilliant wizards mad this intricate school. then they started to call out names. "Smith, Laura?" "HUFFLEPUFF" "Marten, Sam?" "GRYFFINDOR" "Weasly, Oliver?" "SLYTHERIN" "Wolf, Amber?" RAVENCLAW" Amber looked over to her 8 siblings, all in gryffindor. They all scowled at her and turned their backs to her. One of then even mouthed "betrayal". Amber's eyes filled with tears but she turned away and headed to the Ravenclaw table.

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