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lyric: yeah you can say you miss all that we had~ read backstory for RP info

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hazel's information:

carrd: (click here)

everything that will be discussed in my backstory is on my carrd + even more!

name: hazel longbottom

gender: female

zodiac: sagittarius!

birthday: dec 8th

age: 19

sexuality: bi

i'm interested in:


percy jackson

chronicles of narnia

harry potter (of course!)




hazel ...

age: 18

zodiac: sagittaruis

birthday: december 2nd

switch, poly

open for marvel, pjo, and irl rps

marvel info: daughter of nat

pjo info: daughter of hades

sexuality: bisexual

faceclaim: zendaya

relationship status: 1/4, ly charityy

everest darling, (open for marvel rps)

age: 19

zodiac: aries

birthday: april 10th


sexuality: bisexual, poly preferred, 0/2

open for marvel and irl rps

marvel information: daughter of thanos, skilled fighter, against her father, weapons- knife, chakra, haladie

faceclaim: dove cameron

relationship status: single, 0/2

halli lowett, (available for percy jackson RPs)

age: 20

zodiac: gemini

birthday: June 3rd


sexuality: bisexual, poly preferred

open for pjo and irl rps

greek mythology parent: nemesis

faceclaim: my current irl crush, helen

relationship status: single, 0/2

ella darling, everest's little sister

age: 17

zodiac: pisces

birthday: March 12th


open for pjo, marvel, and irl rps

marvel info: sister of gamora, weapons: dagger and haladie

pjo info: daughter of aphrodite

sexuality: straight

faceclaim: ariana grande

relationship status: single



christopher hugh

age: 20

zodiac: virgo

birthday: september 17th


only open for hp rps

sexuality: bisexual

faceclaim: timothee chalamet

relationship status: single

alexander churlde

age: 19

zodiac: aquarius

birthday: february 18th


open for marvel, irl, and hp rps

marvel info: son of tony stark, suit is weapon

sexuality: bisexual, poly preferred

faceclaim: tom holland

relationship status: single, 0/2

diego yneiz

age: 21

zodiac: libra

birthday: september 29th


open for hp, pjo, and irl rps

pjo info: son of apollo

sexuality: straight

faceclaim: my past irl crush/chris hemsworth

relationship status: single


hazel longbottom's current grades, in progress:

astronomy- 85%, E

charms- 89%, E

defense against the dark arts- 84%, E

flying- 95%, O

herbology- grading

history of magic- grading

potions- 92%, O

transfiguration- not started




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