devour me

dead flowers on my wall. no. rotting corpses on my wall

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 house: slytherin 

blood status: unknown.

appearance: black hair, pale complexion, brown eyes, 5'2, a jagged scar along her lower back. of Chinese descent. nails often painted dark red.

personality: obsessive. cynical. perfectionist. 



vainglory with a dash of wrath.

interests: ballet. dueling. knowledge of necromancy. winter. spiders. (uncharacteristically listens to muggle rock bands. in secret, of course.)

patronus: bat

quidditch position: chaser

wand: dragon core, yew wood, 12 3/4'' length, reasonably supple flexibility 

backstory: [in process]



"divinity will stain your fingers and mouth like a pomegranate. it will swallow you whole and spit you out, wine-dark and wanting. you will reach for it again and again, greedy human fingers clutching at everything you can reach. the divine will curl its way through your veins and take you over, and it will not leave you quietly. i feel divinity in my bones like aching; like fire."

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