Vikram Weasley


Once a Potterhead, Always a Potterhead. Wizarding world has always been my comfort place ever since I have known it at a very young age and will remain to be so

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A proud Gryffindor with a heart as brave as lion and always ready to protect people who are in danger, even if it means my death. I am a friend of friends and enemy of my foes.


Mess with me, I might forgive. You dare mess with the people I love, you'll regret ever being born.


Wand: Ebony Wood with a Unicorn Hair core, 13 3/4" and reasonably supple flexibility


Patronus : Capuchin Monkey

My OCs in RPs tend to change as per RP requirement

Mature content in RPs is not mandatory. You can say no if you're not comfortable with that, no judgments no issues

Gender: He/Him

RP Rules:

  1. if you have some work or any other emergency and have to go, just drop a message in () saying when you might be back or at least saying that you have to go, instead of going away without saying anything. Please respect other's time

  2. In the case of Romance RPs, any kind of 18+ stuff is only optional, if you're not comfortable with it, just let me know. we don't have to do it if you're not ok with those.

  3. If you want to start a new RP, and already have a starter mention it, if not let me know I shall think of something

  4. not to sound gender-biased or anything but since I am a male, I find it easy if the other person does female lines while I do all the male ones.

  5. for now, these are all I could think of, I shall add more as and when I remember anything and let you know to check it

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