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Grateful dead died too soon, Jerry Garcia will live on in our hearts, oh and also ITS levioSA not leviOSa and my new nickname is Oli-Pop

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(I will not do mature RP´s)


I was raised in the wizarding world, i have seen magic my whole life and i have never even had a second thought about it, magic has always just been something that was normal to me until one day when my parents fell ill and they died so someone from the muggle government took me away and put me with a muggle family and i was confused because i hadn't yet learned that some people did not know about magic. so i kept asking them "why dont you just use magic" when they did manual labor and they laughed at me until now when i finally got my letter to hogwarts and my real life began...

Heart fang : pup, med wolf, lonely, sad, has no friends, status: orphan, no one pays attention so he just stays to himself, he is a mix of blue, purple and red in an abstract art kind of pattern, Pack:Blazing fire, Powers:he himself is able to become fire, he has the power to heal any wound no matter what in dire situations, he can teleport within a 2 mile radius as long as he knows where he is teleporting, and he has the ability to have a howl so loud it can break glass Triggers:talking about his family, the word butter, saying spuds instead of taters or potatoes




He can transform into a Shadow-Wolf(A wolf with black wings, black fur and dark colored eyes.), can control Shadows and the Night. No trigger.
Transformation #2; Burn It Down: A bright fire-red wolf with a black fire - shaped marking on his chest. Can control fire. Trigger; Anger.
Powers without a transformation; can control plants, smoke can come as a warming - from his paws.
Personality; kind, quiet, protective, obsessive.
Looks; Handsome wolf with long white fur and brightly attractive amber eyes. Along his shoulder is a feather-shaped marking customary for each wolf who has wings.
Pack; Broken Ice







Reid Foster, gay, 17, likes wearing formal clothing, short, feisty, kind, likes to have fun, he loves to eat pasta, and he will never stop being like a little brother to every single friend he makes

:below is a link to the place i got the pic for my oc wich i cannot figure out how to put on here so i just put a link









Lynk Solaris, 5,3, 90 Lbs, black and white hair half white half black, star shaped pupils, lisp, scared easily, 22, likes stuffed animals, and somewhat girly clothing sometimes

Pic:look up Kyuusaku Yumeno






FMA oc: Chirst Flaggenhjorn, Alchemist, Lost body in a smelting accident, and put his soul into a suit of armor, he was known for making the best swords in the world, but he soon learned that he wasnt doing what he wanted in life so he started to use alchemy, and lost his smelting way, but when he tried to smelt again because he needed money, he almost died, but before he did he was able to transfer his soul into a suit of armor that looks like this:https://images.app.goo.gl/AW82U6yVr6fad3d19


Haise Kanaki (of no realtion to ken kanaki from tokyo ghoul) : Brown wolf, gay, male, Powers: turns blood red and can give other wolves blood if they are bleeding out, can see other wolves footsteps via dust particles, and last claws get razor sharp when furious



Tokyo ghoul oc: Kashiya Nogoya, ghoul, S rated ghoul, Kagune looks like the tail of a cartoon devil and is razor sharp, 18, gay, teal hair, mask:a ram skull


Fantasy oc: Bastian Corsalo, bounty hunter, local savior, red hair, plage doctor outfit, throwing knives, daggers, and he uses a concealed weapon cane, he is more so of a type of ninja, he is barely seen unless he wants to be, known as "the raven" because of his mask




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