Rowena Flint


Hi Fellow Griffindors, Cunning Slytherins, Kind and Loyal Hufflepuffs and Witty Ravenclaws! I'm Rose, I hope I can make some friends and learn new things!

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  • Australia


It was a so boring here, sitting in my bedroom thinking about how much I would love to go to Hogwarts 'But I'll never go there' I was thinking 'I'll never get a letter'. I moved over to my desk and continued writing my story, to take my mind off Hogwarts for a bit. Suddenly I heard a bang at the window, I went over and saw a Barn Owl hovering in sight of my window. I, of course opened my wondow and let it in. I took the letter from it's leg and put it on my desk, then I gave the owl a dead rat and closed the window while watching the owl fly away. When it was out of sight I picked up the letter and saw, with delight, that it had the Hogwarts crest emblazoned in wax, at the back on the letter. 

That was how I got into Hogwarts, now I'm a Griffindor and proud of it! (I have nothing against the other houses btw).


Rowena Jane Flint


Me, My Mum and Dad, My Little Sister, Raven.


I have One Cat, her name is Rose as well


My hobbies are, singing,drawing,writing,reading,practising spells and listening to music


My favourite spells are 'Expelliarmus' and 'Lumos'


Bay Mare


Pine Wood, with Pheonix Feather core, 12 1/4, brittle flexibility


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