Maddie Ella-Grace Weasley

If you know my sins.- Ellise

"If I was dying on my knees You would be the one to rescue me" -Kodaline.

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“5 years, 20 years, come back

It will always be the same”-Kodaline


Hello I’m Maddie Ella-Grace Weasley, it’s a pleasure to meet everyone. I'm the twin sister of Fred and George Weasley and that makes us Triplet’s!! I do hope we become great Friends but in the meantime here is some information about me!!



NOTE: I do call everyone on my page DEAR, HUN, SIR, MISS, OR MA’AM, because I want to be polite if any of these make you uncomfortable let me know! And I will change whatever I call you if you wish to tell me so don’t feel adequate to tell me anything unless you feel uncomfortable with doing so!!



Maddie Ella-Grace Weasley



1 April 1978





Second House:







Honey, Cinnamon, Lemons, Ocean Water, Old Books, Parchment Paper, Fall Weather, Sea Salt, Grass/Dirt, Mint Toothpaste, Watermelon, and Strawberries.



Mother- Molly Weasley

Father- Arthur Weasley



[Twin] Fred Weasley

[Twin] George Weasley

Bill Weasley

Percy Weasley

Ronald Weasley

Ginny Weasley



Harry Potter

Hermione Granger

Draco Malfoy [Though to him he sees me as his mother.!]

Cedric Diggory

Cho Chang

Luna Lovegood

Blaise Zabini

Pansy Parkinson



Now here is some side information about myself as well before I get onto my Roleplay information!!


Note: I am an Anamigus as well as Metamorphmagus [which means I can change my appearance!!]


Favorite Aesthetics:


‣ Villain Era

‣ Medieval 

‣ Fantasy

‣ Enemies to Lovers


Favorite Season:



My Hobbies:

‣ Horseback Riding

‣ Photography

‣ Reading

‣ Pranks [Obviously]

‣ Helping Others

‣ Studying


Animagus Form: Wolf!


Wall Rules:

‣ Please, do not post and Chain Mail or Group Advertisements please as I have no need for them!

‣ Please, keep Drama OFF my page as I will not be accepting bad behavior so if you wish to say something KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!!

‣ Do not ACT CHILDISH, or being TRANSPHOBIC or HOMOPHOBIC, please as I will give you some Hell if you are like that!!


Roleplay Rules:

‣ Please, help write at least a paragraph whenever you respond as we need to be able to bounce Ideas off each.

‣ Help write the ACTION/ROMANCE, if there is any as I will not be doing all of the hard work as it’s frustrating trying to come up with all the information by yourself.

‣  If I don’t respond please, give me at least a week since I might be busy or the site could be down so Please, keep that in mind please and thank you!!

‣  Let me know if you have any Triggers or anything as I’d hate to make you uncomfortable, and make you have to quite the Rp!!



Roleplay Information:


NOTE: I can do pretty much anything for Roleplay like Mature, FxF, FxM[ Only with me as the Female, unless I state otherwise.] and MxM! 

NOTE: I can also do NSFW, 18+, or just plain ol Mature Romance just please let me know ahead of time!!


Stuff I won’t do:

‣ Human x Anything

‣ Toxic Relationship

‣ Double Oc Rp

‣ Adoption Rp


Fandom Roleplay:

‣ Harry Potter 

‣ The Kingsman 

‣ Walking Dead 

‣ Fear Street 1994 

‣ Stranger Things 

‣ Criminal Minds 

‣ All of us are Dead [K-Drama]

‣ The 100th 

‣ Alice in Wonderland 

‣ The Chronicles of Narnia 

‣ Arcane 

‣ Twilight 

‣ Percy Jackson

‣ Umbrella Academy

‣ Hunger Games

‣ Maze Runner

‣ Until Dawn

‣ The Last Kingdom

‣ The Witcher

‣ Pirates of the Caribbean 

‣ Annabelle

‣ The Nun

‣ The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

‣ The Conjuring [1 and 2]

‣ Outer Banks

‣ Wednesday

‣ Peter Pan


Ship Roleplay:

‣ Draco x Harry

‣ Blaise x Neville

‣ Hermione x Draco

‣ Pansy x Blaise

‣ Draco x Ron

‣ Blaise x Neville

‣ Fred x Harry

‣ Cedric x George

‣ Ron x Harry

‣ Regulus x James xLily

‣ Remus x Sirius

‣ Lily x Molly

‣ James x Regulus

‣ Siris x James

‣ Harry x Ron

‣ George x Harry

‣ Ginny x Hermione

‣ Luna x Harry


Muggle Roleplay:

‣ Arranged Marriage 

‣ Mother x Daughter

‣ Queen x Servant

‣ King x Servant

‣ Cop x Criminal

‣ Yandere! X Anything

‣ Son x Father

‣ Mafia x Right Hand Man

‣ Sister x Sister

– Brother x Sister

‣ Teacher x Student

‣ Principal x Student

‣ FBI x Mafia 

‣ Scientist x Experiment

‣ Doctor x Patient

‣ Father x Daughter

‣ Uncle x Niece

‣ Doctor x Nurse

‣ Cop x Victim

‣ Uncle x Nephew

‣ Aunt x Nephew

‣ Aunt x Niece

‣ Princess x Guard

‣ Prince x Guard

‣ Princess x Lower Class

‣ Prince x Lower Class

‣ Bully [female] x Innocent [Female]

‣ Bully [Male] x Innocent [Male]

‣ Bully [Female] x Innocent [Male]

‣ Adult Next Door Neighbor [Male] x Daughter

‣ Adult Next Door Neighbor [Male] x Son

‣ Adult Next Door Neighbor[female] x Daughter

‣ Adult Next Door Neighbor[female] x Son

‣ Strangers to Lovers

‣ Enemies to Lovers

‣ Mother x Son

‣ Bully [Step-Brother] x Bullied [Brother]

‣ Bully [Step-Brother] x Bullied [Sister]

‣ Bully [Step-Sister] x Bullied [Brother]

‣ Bully [Step-Brother] x Bullied [Sister]



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