Ophelia Weasley


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Basic info:

Name: Ophelia

Last name: Weasley

Best friend: Hermoine, Ginny, Luna, Neville, Harry, Ron, Hagrid

Favorite color: purple

Favorite hobby: reading, quidditch, dancing

Favorite subject: DADA, flying

Least favorite subject: History of Magic

Wand: laurel wood with a unicorn hair core, 10 ¼’’ an unyielding flexibility

Patronus: orca



I was born to Mr and Mrs Weasley. I have a twin brother named Ron. He is one minute older than me and he likes to brag about it. Ginny, Fred and George are the people I get along with the most in my family. Sometimes I wish I was an only child, because it gets hard to live in such a big family, but I love them and I think that without them life would be boring.


The day I got my letter I was reading in my reading nook when mom called me to come downstairs. The whole family gathered at the dining table and watched me and Ron open our letters. I of course already knew every single word of that letter because I watched my older brothers get theirs, but I was still very excited to finally go to Hogwarts.   


The day I went to school for the first time I met Harry Potter and I had no idea that he would become one of my best friends.

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