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student healer hybrid open to rp


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Just relized i am polly (she/her)j


     i am a slythern student. my life story starts in a not so muggle world i was born in a healer tribe in 1873 and lived a healer naturally with my 5 sibblings mom and dad. in 1890 our tribe was attacked  Only i survived bc a weakling let me survive off and they kept me close until 1943 when voldamort  had a newfound intrest in healers and traded me for coin and very few coin might i add only 25 coin man i was upset from then on voldamort treated my like absolute crap and used me as a servent then let draco adopt me. now  i am attending hogwarts. i do rps and if you wanna hear more abt my backstory hmu ty oh and we are pure bloods-48 all pure bloods

my oc's

Fraya: a girl whos good at healing magic nobody knows anything abt her backstory

age: 16

being/creature/beast: healer human

family:none adopted by the malfoys

Roze: a caring sweet vampire (depends on rp tho)

age: 17

no family

Isidora:vampire/human(depends on rp)


looks:hazel eyes black hair and tan skin


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