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My name is Daffyd Higurashi and I am an adult student here at Hogwarts. I am a mixed blood. My father is a wizard classically trained at Mahoutokoro in Japan. He met and fell in love with my mother, a muggle, on a trip to Ireland. I was born and spent my early childhood in Ireland where I roamed fields and ruins and generally got up to whatever mischief I could manage.

We took frequent trips to Japan where my father showed me much of his home country. We moved to the United States when I was ten. I was so excited when I was acceptance to Ilvermorny. In the sorting ceremony both the Thunderbird and the Horned Serpent statues reacted and I chose the Thunderbird.

However, life events forced me to end my studies early, just before completing my second year. After helping with the care of an ailing family member I worked as an assistant to a healer where I got my first taste of magic as it is applied in the real world. I left home and traveled a good deal. I wound up apprenticing and studying under several witches and wizards from a few countries. I apprenticed to a Native American medicine man in the States, studied charms and transfiguration under a witch in Ireland, studied potions and various eccentric studies while boarding with a hermit wizard in Norway, and dueling when I apprenticed to one of my father’s old acquaintances in Japan. I was a bit of a wanderer, but picked up a lot of knowledge during this time.

Eventually I settled down from my travels and found the greatest magic in meeting a wonderful woman who became my wife. She is a Hogwarts alumni who works in both the wizard and muggle worlds as a magizoologist and veterinarian respectively. We have often talked about her memories from her years at Hogwarts. I do not regret my travels, or the knowledge gained from my apprenticeships, but I often wished I could have finished a more formal education. When she told me that Hogwarts was now offering an program that would accept adult learners such as myself I was ecstatic. I immediately signed up and was thrilled to be accepted.

Similar to my wife I currently work partly in the muggle and wizarding worlds. I am employed as a registered nurse in a muggle hospital on weekends. In the wizarding world I take contracts as part of a team of curse-breakers (my eclectic studies often come in handy and contribute here).

My goal at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is to complete my formal education and gain the knowledge I need to pursue a career in the wizarding world in magical research and development. My interest in research lies in discovering new spells or magical styles/interactions, finding discoveries with magical creatures, and integrating magical principles with muggle technology. I look forward to learning with everyone!

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