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I am not interested in History of Magic or Astronomy. I have an elder wand.

Once, there was a beautiful woman called Daisy. She was a muggle born witch. She excelled in Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures, and she always kept the field mice and rabbits that she found in the grass. After she had graduated Hogwarts (and gotten NEWTS in Herbology, Potions and Care of Magical Creatures) she went to a Quidditch match - Scotland vs Ireland - and met Remus Lostheart. Remus was a famous and very handsome chaser for Scotland. They starting dating. After a long time, Remus asked Daisy to marry him and Daisy accepted. After a couple of years, they had a beautiful daughter called Ariana. They tried to keep Ariana a secret from the news, but it didn't work. They embraced the celebrity angle. Two years later, another daughter was born, by the name of Katniss. Three years later, their third and final daughter, Hetty, was born. They were a happy family. When Ariana was six, she made a teacup fly around the room and pour the tea on the plants. She was very rebellious. When Ariana was nine, she was playing with the seven year old Katniss, when the middle child of the Lostheart family tied her shoelaces with magic. When Ariana was eleven, she was accepted to Hogwarts school. She was sorted in Gryffindor. The next year, Hetty fed the cat using magic. All three Lostheart sisters were magic. One year later, Katniss was sorted into Ravenclaw. Her aunt, Sasha was a potioneer who moved in with the Losthearts to pursue a career of potioneering with her twin, the herbologist, Daisy. That is everything so far. 


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