Artemis Healey


I've been living my whole life with a secret. Bookworm, chocolate lover, future magizoologist. || mainly marauders era ||

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Name: Artemis Lane Healey

Birthday: March 10

Patronus: Wolf




Boggart: Full Moon

Amortentia: Dark chocolate,

the forest after rainfall, and old books

Mirror of Erised: Myself human under a full moon



Wand: Maple wood with unicornhair core, 10 1/4" and slightly springy flexability

I never thought that I would be accepted at Hogwarts, the day I got my letter was quite a shocking one. You see, I have a condition that isnt exactly accepted by the wizarding world. 

Reading whilst sitting by the Black Lake is my favourite thing to do.I would love to be a magizoologist, learning about all the types of magical creatures in the world and how to take care of them.

Maybe even find out how to fix myself along the way.




My parents are both pureblood SLytherins, very proud of their name. I only had one true friend, a kind boy who lived over the hill, his name was Remus Lupin. I snuck out every day to see him by an old oak tree, but when I turned 6, I was bitten by a werewolf by the name of Fenrir Greyback whilst out with my parents.

Due to me now having a condition that they deemed a disgrace to the family I was disowned and left on the steps of an orphanage in another city. I never saw him again.

The staff at the orphanage kept me away from all the other children saying I was a monster and a danger to everyone around me. To this day their words still haunt my mind, and with each full moon I resent myself even more for the monster I am.


foul beast dark creature monster disgusting half-breed soulless evil deserve nothings but death inhuman violent animal abomination 


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