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Early Life

Kat grew up as a normal muggle. Her father had a good paying job as an engineer and her mother took care of her siblings. They signed up Kat for sports and other extra curricular activities. She was top of her class in a few of her school subjects and had never gotten below an A. While in school, she made a few friends which was a challenge because she is an introvert. Nothing seemed different about her, until 2nd grade when her harsh art teacher failed her for no reason. Once recieving her grade, she asked him why she had gotten an F and his answer was as followed:

"Because your artwork wasn't as good as Monica's."

Kat had given Mr. Whitlock a menacing glare and the lights began to flicker. The windows burst open and the wind picked up. A paper flew into the classroom and hit Mr. Whitlock in the face. He read it then scrambled out of the classroom. He was never seen  by the students again though it was said he quit. It was quite a mess for the Ministry to clean up..

Hogwarts Years

to be updated..

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