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Full name : Grace Aliah Anderson. Meaning : graceful, sublime, strong.

Looks like : This is What grace looks like 

House :  I am a proud Gryffindor, though the sorting hat pondered on all the other houses as well for quite a bit of time.

Wand : My wand is Pheanix feather and Yew, there are some flowers carved into the handle, and the rest is without bark, and the tip first glowed gold when I purchased it from Olivander's. 

Likes : I love all animals!!! I love playing pranks, hanging out with my friends, D.A.D.A, and just doing new things.

Favourite Quotes : Our hearts are bigger than our fears.

Boggart :  My boggart is having another war break out and to lose everyone and everthing I know.

Patronus : My patronus is a deer; but I have some metamorphing and animagus powers, because of a spell someone tried to do on themselves when I was very young, but it backfired and worked on me instead; click on this to see what I look like when I transform halfway and this is what I look like when I fully transform, except I am female

Erised :  Having a conversation with my sister again.

Pets : I have an owl named Faithe, a dog at home and a pygmy puff named Shani.

Apearance :  Long, slightly wavy, slighty messy brown hair. Deep, dark brown eyes. 

Personality traits : Confident, wild, caring, genorous, smart, athletic, mischevous, sassy and daring.

Well known wizarding relatives : My fathers cousin is/was Remus Lupin, my mothers eldest stepbrother is Xenophilius Lovegood and my godmother is Hermione Granger (Hermiones grandmother, a muggle, divorced after having Hermiones mother, and married a wizard and they are my fathers parents.

Backstory : I have two brothers and one sister. I used to have a younger sister named Ash, but she passed away from a rare magical disease. The whole family mourned our loss, particulary my cousin Luna (my mothers eldest stepbrother is her father, Xenophilius Lovegood). Here is the rest of my family: My elder brother and sister, Jack and Clara, are both older than me, they are in their seventh year at hogwarts. My little brother Max, (everyone calls him Maxie) is 2 and a half, and very cute. I love quidditch! And I come from a magical family, though most of my cousins are muggles. Some of my biggest magical role models are Hermione, Ginny, and Luna. I want to be an Auror, Professer, Writer, or someone in the Ministry when I am older, but would also enjoy travelling overseas and learning about magical history or maybe working with magical animals, like Charlie Weasley. My parents both participated in the battle of hogwarts (though NOT on Voldemorts side). In the battle my Uncle and Aunt died ( Remus and Tonks Lupin, were my fathers cousins and cousins in law). 



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