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→ Time Zone : Buenos Aires, Argentina ←

→ Wall Rules

→ No advertising, spam or 'thanks for the follow'.

→ Roleplay Rules

→ I only roleplay with thirteens or over (they write properly).
→ No godmode, metagaming or antagonist characters.

→ 3rd person and past tense preferred.
→ No one liners. I prefer semi-literate rps.
→ No asterisks (*). Describe it.
→ Don't control my main character. Secondary ones are fine.
→ Big changes and decisions make the roleplay interesting. Do them every once in a while.
→ Interact with my character. Otherwise having a roleplay makes no sense.
→ Write the whole word.
→ Watch your grammar. Small mistakes are okay.
→ Write your character's name at least once in every reply.

→ My replies can take about a week, I'll try to let you know otherwise.
→ I never ghost but I can disappear from time to time, presumably without explanation.
→ I respect if you want to end the roleplay, just don't ghost.
→ I don't mind talking besides the roleplay, or talking after we stopped roleplaying.

→ I can play more than one character.
→ I only roleplay as my own version of certain canon characters.
→ I don't roleplay with immortal characters, such as demons or androids.
→ My characters are typically 18 to 21, and never under 15 or over 35.
→ My themes are Apocalypse, Crime, Fantasy, Mafia, Sci-fi, Medieval, Pirates, and Spies. [like better]

→ Harry Potter is my only fandom. Preferably Marauders Era.
→ Adventure is usually the main plot, but I'm into character's stories also, very, very much.
→ Romance is not mandatory. It can be mature if you are sixteen or over.
→ Swearing is okay, but if it's one of your triggers I won't use it.
→ I have absolutely no triggers, but don't force my character to be in an uncomfortable situation.
→ I don't make any exceptions, ever, so don't ask.

→ Characters I roleplay as

→ Original Characters: [Work in progress.] Matt Wilson, Simón Ávila Escobar, Philip Turner, Benjamin Reed, Liam Mason, Alexis Attle, and Thomasine Anderson.
→ Canon Characters: Regulus Black, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Ronald Weasley, George Weasley and Pansy Parkinson.
→ All characters are cisgender.

→ You can call me Nicolás, or Nico if you aren't gonna write the accent

→ Music: hip-hop/rap & almost any type of rock
[NF, WOS, MGK, TØP, El Cuarteto de Nos, LIT killah, Iann Dior, Porta, La Vela Puerca, Pearl Jam, Imagine Dragons, Eminem, Falling In Reverse, Canserbero, Lobo Estepario, Mother Mother, The Neighborhood, Set if Off, DUKI]
→ I read lots of books, mainly crime, apocalypse, fantasy and science fiction.
→ Just quit coffee rehab... again.

→ I want to write a book someday.
→ I prefer horror/apocalypse or crime/legal movies.
→ I'm part of an OSDD-1b system, so though my account is independent you may want to know the other existing accounts: Black Wings of the Ravens, Finella and George. Last two are inactive.



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