Nalla/Nathaniel Raine

Student, Siren & Master hypnotist

I prefer 16+ or mature rps, gender don't matter to me.... And also hypnosis is likely to be in almost all my rps so if you don't like that, please don't rp me ☺

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Nalla is a Muggle born girl who was recently accepted into Hogwarts she's a very beautiful girl... Most people stop to look her way she was semi shut first around new people but her confidence would grow... She also learned some tricks from her parents both are muggle hypnotists, her mother did  hypnotic therapy and her father did shows... With both sets of knowledge she had something on her side magic couldn't undo... So to her enemies beware, and to her friends and possible lovers be ready for tricks of the mind.


Nathaniel is just a gender bend version of Nalla

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