Victoria Weasley Granger


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Name: Victoria Sophie Weasley Granger

Age: 11 (24/03)

Birth-status: Being born to a Muggle mother (Hermione Granger) and a Pure-blood father (Ronald Weasley) Victoria is a half-blood.

LooksAverage height, blonde hair like her mother, and brown eyes. Well, to be more precise...

Victoria has blonde locks, with curls, her eyes are brown like the mud. Her skin is soft and pale, and if you touch it it fells like snow. She is often found with her hair down, she doesn't like the Hogwarts uniform so she wears clothes from home most of the time.

Personality: Bold, brave  smart, determined... Traits that define her. Her favorite color is periwinkle and her favorite book is 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' by Newt Scammender. She loves being noticed and affection. But she hates being used.



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