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Hey there! My name is Pinky, and I go by any pronouns! If you ever need me, I'm just an owl away!

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[I've heard about this website before but never got around to joining it, I just recently came across a tiktok video of this and decided to join it this time! I don't really have a specific OC I just kind of made one up on the spot but it is heavily referenced off of me and my knowledge of Hogwarts!]


"Hufflepuff!" yeah, there's no surprise there; growing up in a family full of muggle-borns and purebloods, who are mainly Ravenclaws and Slytherins, I had to quickly learn how to be the happy medium or the peacemaker of the family. I wasn't even shocked when the hat basically screamed Hufflepuff before it even touched me! I will say though, I'm grateful that I didn't get bullied much due to my family upbringing. If it wasn't obvious, I'm a half-blood! When it comes to my classes, it's kind of a love-hate relationship! My three favourite classes were Herbology, although sometimes it could be very exhausting. History of Magic, believe it or not, I didn't really find the classes to be that boring. And my elective of care of Magical Creatures, although the teachers tended to be absent a lot, I really enjoyed learning about new creatures! The classes I didn't really excel in were Potions, not many students found it to be easy either, even with the new teachers. Transfiguration, that class always freaked me out, I was always so scared that I would hurt whatever I was working on! Miss McGonagall was right, it is a very dangerous type of magic to learn. For the other classes though, especially the more muggle-born ones, I had a knack for! And oh my Gods, I was so obsessed with Quidditch! I never played in school or professionally but any chance I got I would always be in the Stadium watching! One of my favourite teams was the Ballycastle Bats. Those are just the good memories though, there were quite a few bad ones. I was there when He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named rose to power, but not for long, I got pulled out along with a few other students. It never really got talked about enough, but I didn't want to leave, I wanted to stay and help fight. But, I guess in a way I did? I was there for the aftermath of it all, helping the injured, helping the animals - just helping in wherever I could. I guess that's my strength, I'm really good at helping and healing others around me. And I'm not that ashamed of admitting that I'm not that strong physically; I couldn't go out there and beat up some big, scary monster or try and defeat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named myself! But, emotionally and mentally, I would say I'm pretty strong. It hasn't been that long since I graduated, since then I've found a few jobs that helped me and my family get by. And now, I'm working towards being a Healer!

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