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I am a slytherin i just dont know how to change it to that because my friend made this account for me and she put gryffindor

Hey im Kristine but i go by Max my full name is Kristine Max Hartwood. i am a pureblood and im in the house slytherin. i have an older brother and a mom and dad but sadly my parents passed away from voldermort. when voldermort attacked my family my brother was at hogwarts but i was too young to go to hogwarts so i was there while he attacked us and he tried to ki!! me but the same thing that happend to harry potter had happend to me all though im not as well known as harry potter im still quite known in the wizarding world. Like people know harry just by looking at his face but people dont know who i am untill they ask of my full name once i tell them my last name they usally say something along the lines of "oh your that girl that parents died from you know who" its like they dont know that i was there that night. Like how harry has the lighting bolt shapped scar on his face i have one too all though mine is slightly bigger but mine is also more easy to hide, it is on the upper part of my arm so just below my shoulder. But people mainly dont know me because most the time i go by a different name i go by my middle name Max. Even though im a witch i love muggle things i own a really cool thing called a walkman and it plays music but in order for the music to play you need a mixtape and the mixtape has songs on it and you need batteries. Anyways enough about my family time to know more about myself my birthday is May 23 so im a Gemini and im 16 years old. My favorite colours are red, like a sage green and black. I have an owl and his name is baxter. Also i forgot to mention my brothers name is Andrew. 

<-- thats me with blonde hair then i dyed it <-- thats baxter my owl

<-- thats me with brown hair (rn)



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