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My fav OCS Ive made:

Godric: White hair, strong build, grey eyes, Light skin, smart, brave 

Animagus: White Wolf 

Birthday: December 7 

Spirit Animal: Eagle 

Demon form name: Unknown darkness 

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius 

Theme song: Panda by Designer 



Name: Kat Jolene Potter 

Age: Around me, not gonna tell 

Animagus: A grey wolf 

Zodiac: Sagittarius 

Sexuality: Lesbian 

Personality: Murderous, funny, kind, childish, Kinda hates her brother, dominating, smart, sometimes a klutz.  

Looks: White hair, blackish greyish eyes, light skin, sometimes wears round-rimmed glasses, 

Relationship: Single and searching 

For some reason, Godric is not overprotective of her, why? Because if you break her heart, she will kill you. 

Theme song: Ghost by Confetti or Karma by AJR


Name: Gavriel Alder 

Age: 20 

Gender: Male 

Favorite drink to get at the bar: Sazerac

Relationship: Dating/Soon to be engaged to Crystal, a fellow hunter

Race: Half Vampire 

Primary and Secondary Magic (mages only): 

Role: Vampire Hunter 


City: Ariadale 

Personality: tough, unforgiving, friendly, smart, quick, and quiet 

Appearance: (you can attach an image or write out a brief description) Tall, lean and mean-looking, black jacket, black pants, black shoes, carries an ax and a katana, wears a black hat. 

Abilities: A vast inventory: Not a lot is known about his outfit, but he is known to pull out a variety of weapons, from knives to hand cannons. Controlled Vampire Rage: his left iris becomes a slit as his body breaks both mortal and immortal limits. Uncontrolled Vampire Rage: both of his irises become plus signs, his body going into a frenzy, it takes a toll on him after but his body heals within a day. Casull Pistol: One of his main sidearms were the Casull pistol, fitted with all types of bullets to take care of different types of monsters

Background story: When he was a child, he had come back from school and he saw his family on the floor with someone on top of them, he hid and saw that it was a vampire, he had killed his family after the vampire had left, he cried over his families body and ever since that day, he had looked to kill that vampire, today he is friends with some others not so much, recently, he found out that the vampire was a cannibal, he found the vampire and fought it when the vampire said “Stop” he paused, but when it didn’t attack him he lowered his katana “You are not human” it said, Gavriel tilted his head to the side ”What?“ he asked, and the vampire nodded “Have you ever noticed that you are the strongest human being ever, being able to wrangle monsters with your bare hands?” Gavriel said “That’s how I am” The vampire shook its head “No, you are a mix between the most dangerous man, and the strongest vampire, resulting in you being a Half Vampire” Gavriel shook his head “It’s not possible” that’s when the vampire threw itself on his sword ”I have fulfilled my purpose, goodbye Gavriel Alder” and it turned to dust, Gavriel sighed, knowing it was true, weeks later he took a blood test and confirmed it as true, he was half vampire 

OC: The Ethereal


Name: Jack Stark/ Blackout/ Yakone Diwali (The Great Lion)/ The Embodiment of Darkness (Former)/ Leader of the K.O.A/ The Creator or The Half Celestial 

Age: 17/Immortal 

Universe: Marvel 

Status: Dating Iris Arduino (not anymore)/ Kelly, daughter of Loki 

Theme Song: Skin by Rag ‘n Bone Man/Through the fire and the flames by DragonForce 

Job: Son of Tony Stark, Owns half of Stark towers, inventor, planner, and friend 

Loves: Kelly, daughter of Loki, his hoverboard, his dead sister, his mom, and dad, His crew, Building and creating things, Piano and guitar, singing, writing songs. 

Hates: Killing people, people abusing others, War, dancing, people not minding their business. 

Always says: "Strenght is Illusion, blinding one and leading them to their death." 

 Weapons: Balls of Balthazar: He can manipulate them and change their sizes to anything he wants. https://ibb.co/prvDpFs. Theós Katastroféas: Also known as God Killer, it was born from the cosmos when Jack was born, it is meant to amplify and increase his power to the max, also working as a weapon for him


So, you’re probably wondering “Half Celestial?” Well, Imma answer your question. https://marvelcinematicuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Celestials 

Celestials are a race that has been around for some time, since the dawn of time, being created by The First Firmament, his father is a Celestial and Gaia, the mother of earth, Jack’s real name is Argon, the strongest being in the universes, on par of the First Firmament, he’s usually operating on 10-30%, and doesn’t go past 50% unless pushed to that point, when he hits 25, he becomes immortalized, making him young forever. He was traveling within the In-Between Lands where he was attacked, the strength far past anything he ever felt, he was still alive, he was beaten mercilessly with intent to kill, he entered a coma-like state, in that state he saw his two best friends, The Living Embodiment of Darkness or Darkness itself and Mirielle, the goddess of healing, except they weren’t themselves, they were someone else, they explained to him what they truly were, they were half of the souls of Gaia and The Celestial, For Jack to survive they split their soul in two and gave him the other half, making sure that he survives no matter what, so every time he died, he would come back through reincarnation, Jack then realized that he had déjà vu when he was doing something for the first time, like math or writing. Jack looked at them and they said “It’s time for you to become one with your power” then they disappeared, his body emitted a light that blew his assaulter away, his arms became galaxy-like, and his black hair had white dots on it. He pointed a finger at his attacker, a small ball of light was created, and he shot it, a huge cannon is what he now calls “Light Cannon.” He powered down, his arms returning to normal, but his hair stayed the same, he had destroyed his assaulter. He was now known as “Creator” not “Blackout” He has a variety of powers, but he usually uses Light Cannon, his left eye glows white with a white stream of light anytime he uses his powers. He is still the Embodiment of Darkness and still has access to all its powers and abilities.


More Info on what he can do: https://powerlisting.fandom.com/wiki/Darkness_Embodiment 


Known Abilities: 

Light Cannon: By gathering light at one point, he can create a cannon that can pierce through Vibranium

Copy and Master: The ability to see an attack and copy it, then master it all in one go

God Form: Once activated, his entire body changes to an almost rubber-like material and his skin turns pitch black and seems to move like the night sky, white dots rest on it like stars and his hair grows longer and also changes with his body

Celestial Form: His final form, he grows to his Celestial form and becomes massive, 60 times larger than the sun. His armor has the same design as his God Form and his power grows massively in this state, enough to match the First Firmament


The Embodiment of Darkness Form: His first form before he became a Celestial, he wields darkness and everything that comes with it is under his control.


Name: Harper Erikawa

Parents: Emiliy and Amelia Erikawa (Adpotive)

Quirk: Totality: By saying one of three words, Boom, Kaboom, and Totality, the user can cause explosions of different variants. Boom is the simplest one, just an explosion pointed at a target. Kaboom is an area attack, surrounding her defensively and attacking offensively, in the process, her left arm is surrounded by red flames. Totality is a transformation the user can reach, once activated, their entire body is engulfed in red flames and they can explosions where ever, but at the cost of their intelligence, so the more it is used, the less IQ she will have until it’s deactivated

Age: 15

Personality: Spoiled, annoying, loud, easily frustrated

Status: Single

Theme song: All-Star by Smash Mouth

Backstory: WIP


Name: Gou Joestar 


Name in Kanji:


Nicknames: G


Birthdate: 10/5 


Age: 15


Gender: Male


Place of Birth: Japan


Nationality: American Japanese


Height: 6’1


Weight: 150 pounds


School: Ai International SchoolPersonality: Closed off, quiet, level headed, hesitant, pushy


Fears: Bad people, men that are not gentlemen, disrespectful people


Likes: Food, music, fencing


Dislikes: Dancing


Habits: Staring into the sky randomly, tapping a pencil


Flaws: Overthinks everything, nervous easily


Talents: Playing any instrument given to him


How well he can cope without their Stand in a fight: Poorly, unless angry


Backstory: WIP

Stand: Stand Name: Hero


Ability: Malignancy Nullification


Desc: The user can repel and nullify any attack with evil intent and block out all manners of malicious physical acts that are aimed against the user. If the attack against the user even has a small degree of maliciousness in its purpose the attack will be dissipated.

Condition: Slamming his fists together


Limit: If the user loses their concentration they won't be able to block out attacks efficiently.

Range: 174m


Power: A

Speed: B

Range: A

Durability: B

Precision: A

Potential: B


Catchphrase: “il mare Eterno Nella mia anima”

Ask for more, I have some for almost all settings


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