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Let's be honest: blood status isn't the least interesting thing about someone. Knowing about it can tell you a lot about how the person in front of you may have been brought up, hence, how they may act when they're acting out of instinct. Biases are taught, as well as habits.

So let's get that out of the way, shall we? I'm Liz, half-blood. My father is the only heir of an ancient Pureblood family. Generations and generations of assholes, if you asked me. Rich as hell, he's been a ghost most of my life. I grew up with my mom and her muggle husband. We have a dog, a cat and my brother and sister.

Three years ago I moved in with my father. New city, new rules. As you may have deducted by my using the present tense in previous lines, it went so well that I am now living back again with my mother&co. During those two years spent away from my family, I've lived in several places. In particular, I've spent a total of eight months being hidden at "family" friend's countryside mansions. (Note: being hidden by my father, not from my father). There's a lot to unpack here, so I'll just say that he didn't lose his ghostly tendencies (most of the time, he was away, taking care of "business affairs"), and is indeed still haunting me (still recovering, I am).

Anyway, I'm in a better place now. Soo, let's move on to lighter stuff: my favourite coulour is Green Five (Long story short, I'm the kind of person that associates colours with numbers), cats are the superior animal but I've always liked crows (which I guess could be a simplified explanation for my patronus), my favourite muggle-produced movie is Dirty Dancing and when I go for ice-cream you can be sure I'll get dark chocolate and mint.

I'm a Ravenclaw, the Sorting Hat was pretty adamant on that, but I've always had trouble believing so. What kind of Ravenclaw has trouble studying? Then I realised: it's not that I can't stand studying, there's just always something more interesting to dig myself into!

Finally, I've always been sceptic about Divination, but when I learned about the existence of Arithmancy I had to do some reconsidering: I couldn't have reasoned more with my results! I'm a Character Number Two, a Heart Number One and a Social Number Three.

Am I verbose? Maybe. Intriguing? Well, that's up to you to deicide ;). In any case, have a wonderful day, you fellow HiH mate <3


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