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Where am I? Who am I? Am I even human? A collum of light. No. A door of light. I turn to see people, blurry figures, not sure if their human... but what else could they be? The inly thing illuminating them is the light from the door, the room is black. I step closer, only to see all the friends I have met. I turn to look at the door, then back at the people. I find a very familar face in the crowd, Kennedy Grey? No, not quite kennedy. But Shiloh Skybane. She looks at the door behing me, then looks back at me. She nods. I feel myself being pulled to the door by some invesiable force, but i'm not moving. Shiloh reaches her hand into her robes and pulls out a wand, her wand. Now I notice more famaliar faces. Merlin D Trelawny, Julia Delacour, Amber Black, and many more, all friends I have made in the past. They all take out their wands, and in unison raise them, I hear faint whispers, and see them mouth the word "Lumos..." I bright, friendly light emits from the ends of the wands. I turn to look at the door, the back at the crowd. Shiloh nods again. I turn to walk through the door of light, but before I do I rasie my own wand and say the same word, "Lumos..." I drop my wand, nod and step through the door. Never to return. 


Thank you to all who have been here with me

Special Mentions

Merlin D Trelwany

Amber Black

Julia Delacour

Kennedy Grey

Moody's Best Ferret

Arinna Lycan

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