Elesarh Lupin-Black

The Long-Lost Adopted Child of Wolfstar

I am the long-lost adopted child of Wolfstar, a proud Black and a proud Lupin. And a proud Hufflepuff. Call me Elle if you like or Elesarh, either is fine.

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BACKSTORY: I am Elesarh Lupin-Black. The long-lost adopted child of Sirius Orion Black and Remus John Lupin. When I was just a couple of months old, my family were raided by Death Eaters, persecuted for being Muggles. Sirius and Remus arrived on the scene almost instantly but only I survived, shielded by my mother as Lily had shielded Harry. As it happened to be, this was exactly a year before the death of the Potters. Sirius and Remus took me in as their daughter. But nine months later, Sirius left us in high dudgeon, believing Remus was a traitor. He took me with him and I was raised by him alone for the next three months. When Sirius was carted to Azkaban, Remus came in search of me and I lived with him for the next eleven years.

The big surprise came when during the summer before I went to secondary, I got my Hogwarts letter. Remus said I must be a Muggleborn. I made fast friends with Harry Potter on the train, and he ended up being like a brother to me. I had heard all about him from my father, but Remus had warned not to tell Harry about him, so I didn’t. I also made fast friends with Hermione. Ron I wasn’t so keen on, but he grew on me eventually. Especially when I started dating Fred in fourth year, when he asked me to the Yule Ball.

I was with Harry through the Philosopher's Stone incident, and the Chamber of Secrets. I was especially urgent to save Ginny, as she had become a very best friend, very fast. When my father began teaching at Hogwarts, he told me we had to pretend to be uncle and niece. This was because Sirius Black had escaped, and we didn’t want any students back the Lupin-Black link. Especially not Harry. I tried my best to hide from Harry the truth about my link with Sirius Black, but when he found out the truth about Sirius, he questioned me. Being reunited with Sirius was one of the best feelings in the world.

Unfortunately he didn’t move in with Remus straight away, things were still too tense. I wrote to him daily, sending him off with different owls I found in the woods near our home, during the summer. In fifth year I founded the DA with Harry, and was at his side straight away when he saw the vision on Sirius. My father and Sirius were just starting to grow closer, but while I could tell Sirius still loved Remus, Remus could never. Not again. But they were both still my fathers. Harry had been so surprised when we told him.

I fought in the Department of Mysteries with him. When we split up, Bellatrix chased me to the Time Room and I hid in a cabinet that number one, de-aged me fifteen years so I became a baby, and sent me forwards in time over a decade. I was lost in the future, with no way of getting back.

A Muggle family adopted me and I grew up, not knowing about magic. My memories had been muddled, but I dreamt of a werewolf, a shaggy black dog, and a boy with bright red hair and a smattering of freckles. Always smiling he was.

When I turned 11, Professor McGonagall managed to track me down. It had been thirty-three years since I had vanished in the Department of Mysteries. She gave me my Hogwarts letter, and refixed my memories, but sadly there was no way to make me the age I was supposed to be. I was distraught to learn of the deaths of my fathers, and of my boy Fred. Apparently he had never stopped searching for me, never stopped until he died. But I was delighted to be reunited with my girlfriends - Hermione, Ginny, and Luna. And my brother Harry. But I was especially pleased to be introduced to my half-brother Teddy Lupin, and his girlfriend Victoire Weasley. Odd isn’t it, both Lupin children fell in love with Weasley’s.

I completed my studies, and became Minister for Magic after my girl Hermione. I never forgot my fathers, and visited their graves weekly. Nor did I forget Fred, and many times, George and I would sit down and cry together. It was difficult, being around twenty years younger than all my friends, but I was glad to be around them.

NAME: Elesarh Lupin-Black (most people call me Elle)

DATE OF BIRTH: 17th of April





PRONOUNS: she/her

SEXUALITY: Omnisexual

APPEARANCE: I have wavy strawberry blonde hair but most people call me a ginger. I have hazel eyes leaning more towards green with a streak of blue. I have lots of freckles and I also have fixed braces.

HOBBIES: Drama, piano, rowing, dance, swimming, singing, reading, and writing

LIKES: All my hobbies, summer, autumn, snow, theatre, art, water sports, sea, chocolate, fire, cinnamon buns, cycling, wolves, and foxes

DISLIKES: Prawns, science, maths, reptiles, insects and bugs, spring, rain, and wind

PET: A female brown springador (springer spaniel crossed with a labrador) called Coco

BLOOD STATUS: Muggle born




WAND: Hawthorn and unicorn hair, 14 /2 inches, slightly springy flexibility

PATRONUS: Ragdoll cat

AMORTENSIA: Dark musk, chocolate, old books, embers, and cinnamon

BOGGART: The graves of my loved ones

MIRROR OF ERISED: Finding true love

FAVOURITE CLASS: Flying and Charms

LEAST FAVOURITE CLASS: Transfiguration and Astronomy

FAVOURITE SPELL: Expecto Patronum


QUIDDITCH TEAM: Montrose Magpies



Lyra Scamander

Grace Maple

Jess Matthews

Leo Valdez

Esmeralda Licorice


Morgan Malfoy-Lestrange

Lulu ClawSight

Anime Weeb

Beezer Vablatsky

Juniper Sprout


Alice Hanna


Nature Princess

Linnea <3



Dumbledore's Army - https://hogwartsishere.com/groups/70321/

Hogwarts Drama -       https://hogwartsishere.com/groups/219/

Hufflepuff Chatroom (I created) - https://hogwartsishere.com/groups/69926/

Just a Study Group for First Years - https://hogwartsishere.com/groups/378/

LGBTQIA+ HIH Community - https://hogwartsishere.com/groups/222/

Ministry of Friendship - https://hogwartsishere.com/groups/70475/

Self Care and Counselling (I created) - https://hogwartsishere.com/groups/70151/

The Hufflepuff Hangout Room - https://hogwartsishere.com/groups/69898/

The Official HiH Ministry Of Magic (I created) - https://hogwartsishere.com/groups/70574/

The Official HiH Student Council - https://hogwartsishere.com/groups/70220/




Astronomy: N/A

Charms: N/A

Defense Against The Dark Arts: N/A

Flying: N/A

Herbology: N/A

History of Magic: N/A

Potions: N/A

Transfiguration: N/A



Minister of Magic

Member of the Department of Friendship Arguements and Need of Help

Interrogator on the Wizengamot 



My Astronomy Notes (1st year through to 7th)

My Charms Notes (1st year through to 7th)



A Court of Thorns and Roses

Children of Blood and Bone



Harry Potter

Hunger Games

Magicians Guild


Red Queen

Shadow and Bone

Three Dark Crowns

Throne of Glass




Age: 16

Birthday: 3rd of April

Appearance: Pale white skin, upturned nose, green eyes, jawbone length straight ginger hair. Thin and average height.

Personality: Kind, caring, generous, selfless, dramatic, sarcastic, cynical, clever, childish, fun, bubbly, confident around their friends, insecure, shy. They pride themself on determination, and they are terrified of heights. They love nature. Erin is also quite vain and judgemental. Erin is highly intelligent and is very creative. Erin is quite observant and prefers to stay quiet, but most of the time their good friends can coax them out of their hole. They can be very persuasive, and are focused and honest.

Gender: Non binary

Pronouns: They/them

Sexuality: Lesbian

House: Ravenclaw or Slytherin

Patronus: Buzzard

Wand: Walnut wood and unicorn hair core, 11 1/2, reasonable supple flexibility

Blood status: Halfblood



Age: 13

Birthday: 4th of June

Appearance: Almond skin, dark brown eyes. She has medium brown hair in long braids with little gold decorations. She is slightly on the overweight side but not too unhealthily.

Personality: Naima prides herself on her originality. She is determined and strong and makes up her own mind. She is very clever and witty and always has something to say. Naima likes to socialise, nothing can bring her down and she will always land on her feet. Naima has a great sense of justice and is very fiesty. She likes to seem mysterious even though she is really obvious. Naima is very playful, loyal and protective.

Gender: Female

Pronouns: She/her

Sexuality: Pansexual

House: Gryffindor or Hufflepuff

Patronus: Wolf

Wand: Redwood wood with unicorn hair core.  12 1/4 inches. Quite bendy flexibility.


Blood status: Pureblood



Age: 15

Birthday: 15th of September

Appearance: Archer/Leo is tall with thick black bangs that fall infront of his stormy grey eyes. He has a delicate form with slightly tanned skin but still reasonably pale.

Personality: Archer/Leo is very jokey and sarcastic. He likes to prank and tease. He is very lighthearted. He is naturaly sporty and has an aptidude for Herbology. He is overfond of material things and luxury but is very selfless, giving and generous when he has to be. He has a great sense of justice. Archer/Leo is clever, calculating and is always one step ahead. He is also very brave. He borders the line of cocky but never really steps over it. He is very wise as well as determined, free spirited, and cunning. Archer/Leo is fiercly protective and works hard to exceed the limitations others put on him.

Gender: Male

Pronouns: He/him

Sexuality: Bisexual

House: Slytherin or Gryffindor

Patronus: Adder

Wand: Chesnut wood and dragon heartstring. 13 inches and hard flexibility.


Blood status: Halfblood



Age: 17

Birthday: 22nd of January

Appearance: Eren has silky, wavy black hair, and emerald green eyes. He is tanned with a straight nose. He is rather short.

Personality: Eren is very smart, kind and patient. He obssesses over tiny details and are very curious about the world. He is a bit of a pedant and a know-it-all. He has a thirst for knowledge and yearns to prove himself. He is shy and tidy. He likes to feel safe. He is very intellectual and ponders over complex things. He is often detached from the world, and lost in his thoughts.

Gender: Male

Pronouns: He/him

Sexuality: Gay

House: Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff

Patronus: Blackbird

Wand: Hazel wood and unicorn hair. 10 inches and hard flexibility.

Blood status: Muggleborn



Age: 14

Birthday: 20th of October

Appearance: Long, thick, dirty blonde hair. She usually curls it. She has beautiful silvery eyes. She is underweight and of average height, with a faint scar across her right hand that came from trying to catch a Crumple Horned Snorkack.

Personality: Estrella is very dreamy. She is curious and imaginative and loves nature. She is bold, and tries not to care what people think about her, though sometimes what they say about her can really hurt her feelings. Estrella is gentle and generous. She is a born nuturer and is very caring. She is generally calm and peaceful but will protect fiercely.

Gender: Female

Pronouns: she/her

Sexuality: Bisexual (or as she calls it Multiromance/Multilove)

House: Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw

Patronus: White Mare

Wand: Fir wood and pheonix feather. 11 3/4 inches and suprising swishy flexibility

Blood status: Pureblood


Thank you for reading my backstory :)









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