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Nickname Shaun

favorite color(purple)

eye color(sea green)

spirit animal (wolf)

star sign(Pisces)

My back story is my parents always wanted me to do something with my life of couse i wanted to be free to do what i want so when i went to go get the mail from the mailbox i saw a owl coming right at me if I didnt duck i would have been in the hospiatail but i got out of the way i got up and when i looked at my feet i saw my hogwrts letter at first i didnt know what it was so i ran inside to show my parents when i opened the door they were standing right there and said they needed to speak with me so we all sat down and my parents pulled out there  wands and told me about hogwarts and about how they think i was a non-madge and so i showed them my hogwrts letter and they were so happy for me the next day we went to diagon ally to get my stuff once we got all of my stuff we went to get a wand from ollovanders and we got home and started packing a few weeks later i was saying goodbye to them and hoping on the hogwarts exprese a few moments latter the trolly witch came and asked if i wanted anything and since my parents gave me some money i asked for one of evrey thing a few minits later two girls came and asked if they could sit with me i gladly said yes since no one else was with me they sat and said there names were liz and alison a few moments later another girl came in and asked if she could sit with us we all said yes and said her name was piper when the trolly witch came back we all put a littel of money together for more sweets 5 minuts later our area was full of candy wrapers and garbidge i then brought out some muffins that my mom packed and we shared when the train stoped we got ready and we got off we went to the sorting seromonie wene it was my turn i was scared of what i woul get the sorting hat kept saying stuff i couldent understand it because he was muttering but i heard a loud griffindor so i joined piper,alison,and liz when the sorting serimonie was over we started eating and when we were all full and finisied the prefects took us to our dorm and said in a whisper ... i couldent hear it but the fat lady nodded and oppend the door and we got in our common room we were all tiered so we all went to bed.

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