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We're all insane at one point when yours

I stand by my actions and I stand by my team and if you can find a better person for the Job Good Luck-Aaron Hotchner

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Hello EveryOne!

Welcome to my Lovely Page!

I do tend to call everyone around hear Ma'am Sir dear or Hun It's just a way I was raised to be polite plus I don't twant to misgender anyone by accident since I'm a LGBTQ+ Ally!


Main theme song:

Fight Till The End Jack Savoertti

My Theme Songs!

If Only Dove Cameron

Serial Killer Moncrieff

I Shot Cupid Stela Cole

King of the World War Hall

Wires The Neighbourhood

Monster Starset

The Killing Kind Marianas Trench

Weight In Gold Gallant

Chaos Mode Dezi

New Kings Sleeping Wolf


Rp Starters

My Oc's

Muggle Oc's

Sorisana Arabella

Jasper Gollic Jackson

Ontari Ny Anderson

Bellamy Mallok Hudson

Ann-Marie Navarro

Mason Katsuki Hotchner

Elizabeth Jasmine Ace

Fandom Oc's

Harry Potter

Clarke Ny Snape-Potter

Aniya Beth Weasley

Hunger Games

Jasper Malachi Everdeen

MHA/ My Hero Academia

Akira Todoroki

Stranger Things

Kurt Byers

Natalie Wheeler

Walking Dead

Ayden Rhee (Grimes)

Lord of the Rings

Heidi Tisha Eilleth GreenLeaf


My Fandoms I'm in

Harry Potter

Walking Dead

Lord of the Rings

The 100th

Percy Jackson 

Criminal Minds

Stranger Things

Fear Street 

Chronicles of Narnia

Outer Banks

The Witcher



Battle of Los Angeles


The Last Kingdom


and for Anime Just owl for that and we can discuss then!

I have more but can't think of any at the moment!


This is my Asethic and my Favorite quotes i think work really well!

My Asethics

"Use your Imagination while reading your favorite book you'd be surpirse how far you can go into your own little world as much as I had!"

"Keys are great to open up Doors but it's you who has to take the bet of opening it."

"Take time to Explore okay you only live once on this beautiful earth so take time to Explore and have fun!"

"Think about your next move before your enemy does since you could never know who your enemy is until you've angered them"

" Always write your Ideas down and never forget who you are even if the Ideas are stupid who knows your Idea might work one day! "


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