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I'm convinced . . there's something cursed about me! I've been insignificant most of my life, the middle child of 5; someone was always more intelligent, more adorable, more ambitious, more . . . perfect. Well, that was just fine by me. My 'more' siblings could shoulder the weight of our parents' expectations - fewer responsibilities for me. (And I never quite fit into the stiff-backed, custom-silk world of self-engrossed aristos.) As one may imagine, in a family as green-blooded as any Malfoy, my . . peculiarity was as evident as a freshly set-off dungbomb in a closet. As such, I was often "overlooked" in introductions; until I learned the game and decided to be "conveniently preoccupied" whenever conversations were being held with important people (ie: all of my family's associates).
Do not pity me the detached childhood, it is inherently worse for those who receive the attention. It is a surprise they don't crumble and die under the weight of responsibilities and well-practiced form they must exhibit at all times. It is even more of a wonder that they survive the parental disappointment after making even a minor oversight. [Unless you are a Malfoy - they can do no wrong as they leave footprints of solid gold.] No, my childhood was enjoyable; left to my own devices, I was able to make friends with the likes of Sherlock Holmes (yes, Conan Doyle was a wizard) and Beedle the Bard. Most intriguing, I discovered an uncanny ability: if I focussed very specifically, I could feel intentions directed towards my person, and with a little more effort I could influence them in more favourable ways - very convenient when avoiding a discouraging task. However, if the person had a very strong will for me to accomplish this task - they could circumvent my influence but never outrightly oppose it. 
My bubble of security and contentment burst just before my 8th birthday.  It still leaves me reeling at how quickly life went downhill. ~TBC~




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