Conrad Oxford Potter

It's pronounced Karma(hint: Fuck You)

"Your Excessive Need To Protect Me Will Not Redeem Your Failure To Protect Mother" -Conrad

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 I'm your host Conrad. It's lovely to meet all of you!


Contact Info:


Discord: _lancelot00_

Pinterest: Lancelot00

Quotev: Lancelot00

Twitter:  @Lance_lot00

Instagram: _lancelot00_


Notice Board:

• I will call bullshit if I see it so don’t get shitty with me if I do!!

I will Call everyone…..

• Dear

• Hun

• Love

• Ma’am

• Miss

• Mrs

• Mr.

• Sir

As I would hate to miss anyone's gender!!


Intro Song: Lay Bankz - Sloppy Seconds (Ick Pt 2) [Official Audio]

End Song: Fifth Harmony - Worth It (Official Audio) ft. Kid Ink


Information About Me:

Fc: Rudy Pankow 

House: Hufflepuff

Name: Conrad Oxford Potter


Height: 6’2

Status: Single

Pronouns: He/Him

Sexaulity: Bisexual - Poly [0/3]

Nationality: British

Parents: James Potter, Lily Potter

Siblings: Identical Brother - Harry Potter

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

Eye Color: Blue/Green

Boggart: Dying

Amortentia: Honey, Caramel, Pumpkin, Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate, Parchment Paper, Paprika, Vanilla, Citrus, Campfire, Smores, and Cinnamon. 


- Wand Info -

Wood: Tulip Wood

Length: 15 ¼”

Core: Unicorn Hair

Type: Very Springy


- Banned List -

• Nikolia (Niki) Potter






Original Character’s:

Fandom: Harry Potter - Marauder Era

August Theodore Baxter

Petra Madeline Scamander


Stuff I won’t Roleplay:

• Abusive

• Toxic

• Controlling

• Adoption Rp

• Human x Anything


Wall Rule’s:

• Please, be polite to those who post on my page!!

• No Drama, Childish Behavior, Transphobic/Homophobic, Racists, Sexist please as I will block you!!

• Do Not Post, Chainmail, Group Advertisements, Quizzes, Polls, Games, or ___ Only Please as I have no use for them!!


Roleplay Rule’s:

• Give time for replies, as I am busy some days!!

• Help write the story as I will not be the only one doing so!!

• Please do not use asterisk’s [***] and use the proper speech marks please!!

• If you have a starter, and want to use it, go for it since sometimes I won’t be able to write one!!

• Write a paragraph whenever you reply please since I will not accept one liner or semi liners please!!

• If I do not respond, here are some reasons why

Reasons Being:

– Sick.

– Vacation.

– Busy outside of HiH.

– Forgot Email or Password.

– or I just don’t know what to say.


Ship Rp:

Marauder Era

• James x Lily

• Remus x Sirius

• Regulus x Barty Jr.

• Rita x Alice

• Pandora x Lily

• James x Regulus

• Lily x Remus

• Sirius x James

• Regulus x Rosier

• Severus x Lily

• Remus x James

• Narcissa x Lily

• James x Barty Jr.

• Lily x Narcissa x Marleen

• James x Regulus x Lily


Golden Trio Era:

• Harry x Draco

• Pansy x Hermione

• Ron x Blaise

• Luna x Neville

• Draco x Hermione

• Fred x Harry

• Luna x Ron

• Hermione x Harry

• Draco x Blaise

• Pansy x Ginny

• Hermione x Ron x Harry

• Blaise x Neville


Fandom Roleplay:

• The 100

• My Hero Academia

• Walking Dead - Tv Show

• The Last of Us - Part 1 and Part 2

• Criminal Minds

• Harry Potter

• Attack on Titan

• Hunger Games

• Maze Runner

• Sam and Colby

• Five Nights At Freddy’s

• Chronicles of Narnia

• Outer Banks

• Umbrella Academy

• Until Dawn

• The Quarry

• London Has Fallen

• Glee

• Stranger Things

• The Conjuring Series

• Dragon Ball Z Series

• Yu-Gi-Oh!

• Arcane


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