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This is a wild Game of Survival!-Ruelle

Hello, there I'm Ingrid Black and I'm Married to George Weasley! <3

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I Do Rp Owl me or Post on my Wall to Rp with Me!

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Due to My Animagus Form being a cat I get called Kitten only by George but If you’d like to Call me by any different nickname don’t hesitate to give me any!


Hello and welcome to My Lovely homie page yes as it says in My Intro text I’m mrs. Weasley married to George Weasley but my father is Sirius Black my mother, let's not talk about her since father doesn’t like to get into the subject but I did find out that Draco is my older brother due to him being two or one year’s older than me but I don’t remember, since I hardly saw him that much due to me living with the Weasley family when my father was taking to azkaban.

My Personality: Bubbly Brave Snarky (only sometimes!) Loving Friendly Honest Loyal

For my age lovelies I’m not telling SORRY!

My Interest/Hobbies





Horseback Riding

Playing the Violin 

Watching TV Shows

Watching Anime



Animagus Form:


Armitalia Love Potion:

Baking, paper and Ink, flowers, Lemon

My Aesthetics


If the site does go down here are other ways to reach me


MrsIngrid Sophie Weasley









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