Cristina Premelia

Student, and Healer

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Name: Cristina Premelia

Age: 15

Gender: Female

House: Gryffindor

Sexuality: Lesbian

Appearance: White-long hair that is tied at the end, blue eyes (Profile picture)

Personality: Cristina is mainly quiet and reserved, always having her guard up, but once she gets to know and trust you more you can see more of her Gryffindor side.

Backstory: Cristina was born in a Kind and Wealthy Pure-blooded family, however due to some unfortunate events her Mother passed away from an illness and her Father is never around due to work purposes, so she is always alone in her manor with the maids, and although her Father does occasionally send her gifts of the Muggle World, she felt rather lonely, that is until she adopted a Crup puppy, and named him Dotty, and due to her passion for creatures, she now has a pet mansion where they all live.

Favorite classes: Herbology, Charms and Care of Magical Beasts.

Patronus: Husky

Favorite spell: Geminio

Favorite non-magical plant: Wisteria Flower trees

Favorite magical plant: Whomping Willow 

Wand: Alder wood with a Dragon core 12 3/4" and a suprisingly swishy flexibility

Favorite books: A Practical Guid to Dragons, A Guide to Basic Herbology, Coleman's Book of Wands, One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi, The Care of Magical Creatures Companion Guide and The Monster book of Monsters. (Treats it like a real pet, Dotty gets jealous)

Premelia Secrets!: She may not look like it, but Cristina can easily eat a ton of food! Her favorites are Cream Puffs. Cristina also has a lot of magic in her which makes it easier for her to conjure up spells! (Although at times it can be hard for her to control it, but she is working on it!) She is a bookworm and prefers to study rather than making friends. Cristina is also known for her attempts at creating new spells by herself, only successful creations are Tornus Extremus and Larico.

Tornus Extremus is a spell that allows it's user to conjure a tornado, pushing their enemies away. The might of the spell can also heal the people that the user chooses to heal, the spell itself drains a lot of energy it's side effects contain dizziness and weak body

Larico is a spell that allows it's user to create an illusion of a labrynth, confusing the enemies and giving the user a chance to escape, this spell is an escaping spell. This spell doesn't use too much energy.

Abyriag this spell creates a dark abysall fog that can be used to hide behind and allowing the ones to also cross through shadows temporarily, this is one of her most recent spells, and causes her to faint when used.

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