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~Marielle Skipper~



Full Name: Marielle Hazel Skipper

Nicknames: Mari, Skipper, Skip

Age: 12

Year: 1st Year

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Ilvermorny House: Pukwudgie

Blood Status: Pureblood

Nationality: American/White (Norwegian, Hungarian, Portuguese, European)

Wand Wood: Chestnut

Wand Core: Unicorn Hair

Wand Length: 11 inches

Wand Flexibility: Flexible

Hogwarts Pet: Tawny owl named Checkers (6 months of age)

Patronus: Doe (not until later years!)

Animagi: Can shift into any member of the canine family, however, mostly gray wolves and domestic dogs. (not until later years!)



Father: Marshall, Beater on the American National Quidditch Team (Gryffindor)

Mother: Monica, Breeder of Kneazles (Hufflepuff)

Siblings: Older brother (Oliver Basil Skipper-Gryffindor) and older sister (Cecelia Rose Skipper-Ravenclaw)

Pets: Two adult kneazles (Mr. Grumps and Mrs. Sweetie) and their three kittens (Flora, Fauna, and Merriwether)

Other Family: Mari doesn’t know anyone else lol prob died off in the wizarding war. 


Skin: Fair tan, in the middle between pale and tan. She has many moles on her left arm and one on her right cheek

Facial Features: Her eyes are greenish/blueish, and some say she has hazel eyes. Her forehead is larger than average, but her nose is a bit smaller than average. Her lips are average size, and her ears stick out a little.

Hair Features: Her hair is a dirty blonde with non-natural lighter blonde highlights. It goes 2 inches past her shoulders. Her hair is naturally curly, but most often she straightens it

Other Features: She is taller than average, but many are still taller than her. She has long limbs.

Clothing Style: *Below will be a document link with many links inside that shows what she wears as a first year (by class ^^)











Personality Type: Turbelunet Consul (ESFJ)

Sun Sign: Leo

Moon Sign: Aries

Rising Sign: Libra

Key Traits: Outgoing, Impatient, Funny, Jealous

Minor Traits: Friendly, Stands up for friends, Insecure about self, Likes to look at her appearance, Sensitive

Likes: Reading, Hanging out with friends, School, Nature, Playing video games, Eating, Astrology/Tarot/Oracle related things

Dislikes: Self-absorbed people, People who ask too many questions, Annoying people, People who don't believe in zodiac signs/tarot/oracle, Studying, Healthy food

Enemies: N/A

Frenemies: N/A

Acquaintances: N/A

Friends: N/A

Best Friends: N/A

Lover: N/A




Marielle Hazel Skipper was born on August 1, 2009 at 10:44 a.m in Connecticut. She was born to Marshall Washington and Monica Ann Washington. She is the youngest of 3 siblings, the oldest being Oliver Basil Skipper, the middle child being Cecelia Rose Washington, and the youngest being Mari. She was born into a pure-blood household. Marshall and Monica had finished Hogwarts, Oliver is in his 6th year and Cecelia is in her 3rd year. Mitchell and Oliver are Gryffindors, Cecelia is a Ravenclaw, and Marie is a Hufflepuff.

Mari did not exhibit any magical abilities until the age of 4, when she was throwing a tantrum in the family garden and all the herbs and flowers started to wilt. Cecelia was most upset, as this was her garden, but the rest of the family was overjoyed that the last of their children was indeed a witch!

At the age of 5, the family moved from Connecticut to California and settled into a village. The village was home to muggles and wizards alike. Every Saturday, the siblings would all go down to the Wizarding Market and pick out Wizarding items. Mari always got candy or books. An avid reader of Fantasy, Mari loved to read and would often take up the whole day reading her favorite books. At the age of 7, she also got into video gaming, where she could express her wild imagination.

Once she turned 11, she of course got her letter. After her trip to Diagon Alley (where she purchased an owl named Checkers) she was ready to go!


First year: WIP!

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