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CURRENT MOOD: a very relaxed dunka-roo who is nervous and sad for her Charms final




current read quote: “Life is like a museum, and you have to curate”-The Bridge by Bill Konigsberg

°˖✧˚ʚ hello hello all! welcome to my profile! i hope you enjoy the stay and are having fun on this website! if any of you need to talk, be it irl or icly, you are more than welcome too! i can also try to answer any questions you have! bio may or may not be a wip. also my cat says hi <3°˖✧˚ʚ




Name: Amaryllis Rosario

Nicknames: Amar, Amari, Mar, Llis

Age: 12 years and 10 months

Birthday: October 16

Zodiac Sign: Libra ♎

Nationality: White (Portuguese/Norwegian)

Gender: Female (she/her/hers)





Positive Traits:

💚 Kind

💚 Smart

💚 Loyal


Negative Traits:

❤️ Perfectionist

❤️ Gullible

❤️ Worrier


Neutral Traits:

💙 Day-Dreamer

💙  Outgoing

💙  Ambitious/Career Oriented



  Experiencing/Learning about the Wizarding World


Video games

Hanging out with friends



 People who judge on appearance

❌  Bees and insects in general but she’s trying to get over it

 The dark

❌  Those who don’t care about hurting the environment



Future Occupation: Wants to be a Magizoologist with a Herbology Service on the side



  • Reading

  • Taking care of animals/plants

  • Playing video games



  • Not being good enough/not living up to her standards

  • Not being pretty

  • Being alone

  • People viewing her in a negative light


Strength: Kindness: Can help people/anyone in need

Weakness: Kindness: Can be exploited


Talents: (Hopefully) Creature and plant care, reading at fast rates, having empathy




Height: 5’4 ½

Skin Tone: Relatively pale, but while Hogwarts and being outside it will tan slightly

Eye Color: Green

Hair Description: Dirty blonde hair with lighter blonde highlights. It goes around 2 inches past her shoulders.

Extra: Has several moles on her left arm. Smells like fruit perfume. Has a slight natural blush and medium elf ears.




School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

House: Hufflepuff

Best Core Class (so far): Flying (100%)

Worst Core Class (so far): Astronomy (90%)

Elective: None yet

Quidditch: Hoping to join the Hufflepuff team next year as a Chaser

Extra-Curricular: In the Herbology Club




Length: 11 inches

Flexibility: Flexible

Wood: Chestnut

Core: Unicorn Hair

First Reaction: She was in awe, thinking it was one of the most beautiful things she has ever seen. She did explode a flower vase though, but Ollivander let her weave some petals into her wand.





Amaryllis Rosario was born to unknown parents in an unknown location. Just a few days old, she was left on a doorstep on Diagon Alley. She was brought to an orphanage where they re-named her and cared for her. They soon discovered that she was a half-elf, only distinguished by her ears and button nose, however. Her caretakers took great measures to hide this, even from Mari herself. She was put up for adoption, but no one ever went through with her. When she was 11, her caretakers (begrudgingly) gave Amaryllis her Hogwarts letter. She was skeptical at first, but when they revealed she was a half-elf, she started to believe in magic more and more. At Diagon Alley, shopping for her things, she was in awe of beautiful and awe-struck that everything. She was sorted into Hufflepuff once she got to Hogwarts, and that’s where this story starts!


Year 1








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