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slytherin's sweetheart

"...but in all chaos, there is calculation" Owl me to rp, I only do female characters, sorry! I do romance and mature :)

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Ariel Ophelia Black

Age: 18 (March 5th)

Nationality: British

Height: 5'4

House: Slytherin

Wand: Maple wood with a phoenix core

Patronus: Black Swan

Animagus: Coyote 

Relationship Status: Single.

Personalitly: Sweet but can be a bitch, argumentitive, independent, witty, indecisive, cute, maybe a little bit slow, hot as fuck and daddy issues 

Likes: Chocolate, flowers, good sense of humor, strawberries, chocolate strawberries, jewallry, music, chaotic energy, myself, my boyfriend

Dislikes: The patriarchy, boring people, controlling people, people who waste your time, cherry cola

Sexuality: Straight

Face claim: Maggie Lindemann






"she sins like the devil

she loves like an angel"


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