Ilene Levesque

Student, Heiress, Aspiring Auror.

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Le Château de Lévesque.


   ` ,  O1   . . .   Ilene Victoire Levesque was born into the prestigious house of Levesque on the 7th of September, within the cobblestone walls of the Levesque grounds in Marseille, France. As the only daughter of Charles and Melisande Levesque, and the sole heiress to one of the most influential magical families in France, to say Ilene grew up with much on her plate would be a blatant understatement.

     Home-schooled and raised with the constant looming sword of expectations, Ilene was beyond thrilled when she received the transfer letter from Hogwarts. A chance for her to experience life outside the grey confines of her mansion; outside the expectations and demands of her family. Cheers, to her new life, her rebirth.

   ` ,  O2   . . .   She/Her/They/Them ; 7th of September ; Virgo ; 18 ; Bisexual.

   ` ,  O3   . . .   Pure-blood ; Russian Blue Cat [Patronus] ; 12 ½” Holly wand with Dragon Heartstring core and reasonably supple flexibility ; Slytherin ; Favors Transfiguration/DADA/Charms ; Aspiring Prefect, Head Girl, and Auror.

   ` ,  O4 . . .  Ilene stands at quite the average height, 5'5, with wavy dark auburn hair and light-blue eyes. Usually wears her hair down, a half-up-half-down hairstyle with a bun, or sports a simple ponytail, with a minimalistic makeup to match. Her wardrobe usually comprises of neutral colours, leaning more towards the darker, earthy shades. She has a small crescent-shaped birthmark on her nape, usually hidden by her hair.

   ` ,  O5 . . .   Pets : Blanc, a white British Shorthair cat ; Pine, an ash-grey owl.

   ` ,  O6   . . .   Roleplays : Current status is OPEN. Discussion of the overall plot and details is very much preferred prior to the commencement of the roleplay session. Semi-literate to Literate styles are preferred, as I would appreciate it if my roleplay partner reciprocate my style of roleplaying and the effort I put into replies. Three sentences per reply as a minimum.

No asterisks or action brackets, please; I mostly use third-person point of view, and first-person occasionally. Decent grammar, punctuation and writing style and enough potential for me to bounce off on my response. No godmodding or controlling my character (describing my character's actions or etc. in your response), please.

I am willing to do roleplays within Hogwarts or other fandoms from the ones I will list below. I accept MxF or FxF. Anything that happens in the roleplay strictly stays in the roleplay between our characters. Mature themes are accepted, and so are most others; romance, platonic, slice of life, dark themes, etc. I have no trigger warnings but if you are hesitant about a trope or theme you're interested in, just let me know.

   ` ,  O7   . . .   Fandoms : Wizarding World (Harry Potter/Hogwarts/Fantastic Beasts) ; Percy Jackson ; Marvel ; The Originals/Legacies ; etc.


[ P.S . . . More information to be revealed in the upcoming Carrd (that is currently under progress). ]

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