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Name: Hakami Yu

Age: 15

Born: Okinawa, Japan

Status: Halfblood

Parents: Kaito Yu (Father) Hana Yu (Mother

Appearance: Hakami has light brown hair and dark eyes that people sometimes confuse with black. She has a scar over her right eye, only slightly affecting her vision.


Hakami was born in Japan and lived there until her 11th birthday, she moved to France with her parents, unbeknownst to her, Hakami's mother had gotten a job with Beauxbatons. Disaster struck and Death Eaters invaded Hakami's house and killed her mother. She tried to fight back, but was powerless against their magic. Hakami's father had known that her mother was a sorcerer, (a powerful one at that) but he didn't know if the magic had carried on to Hakami. He chose to send her to Beauxbatons who let her in out of sympathy for her mother's passing, where she excelled in a multidude, mostly runes and decoding them. The majority of her powers lay in fortune telling, that she decodes through her mother's tarot cards.

{Fun Fact} ~ The sweater Hakami wears over her Hogwarts uniform is an old item of her mothers, she treasures it and on occasion sleeps in it.

Alignment: Chaotic Good / True Neutral

Personality Type: ISFP-T

Staff (instead of a wand): Black Sycamore Wood, Phoenix Core, 4 ft, not flexible.

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