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Contact Information:


Discord: Muggle_Evans12#5983

Pinterest: @augustusmonroee


Name: Augustus Monroe Evans


Height: 5’7


Pronouns: He/Him


Sexuality: Bisexual


Hair Color: Brown



Mr. Evans

Mrs. Evas



Lily Evans

Petunia Evans


Nationality: American/British


Blood Status: Muggleborn



Backstory: Whenever me and my Older sister Lily grew up our parents were very proud of us for getting our Hogwarts Letters. Petunia was very upset even though she is my twin sister, we don’t get along as I'm closer to Lily even though she’s older than both me and Petunia. As me and my sister grew up at Hogwarts we made friends with James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. Once we all became in our top graduate classes my sister and her husband left to hide due to Lord Voldemort as I had also fled as well due to him hunting both Evans. I ended up hiding with Remus and Sirius before he got sent to Azkaban after we found out about the death of my sister and our friend James and Pettigrew [Who I hated for the longest time and never really saw as a friend.]



Original Character’s:

Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia

Tanner Pevensie


Wall Rule’s:

- Please don’t cause Drama/Start Drama as I will Ignore you!!

- Don’t ask to be friends, it’s free to do so and I shouldn’t have to say it!!

- Don’t be Racists, Sexists, Transphobic, Homophobic, Childish, or Mean!!

- Don’t post in other replies/comments that get posted on my wall please!!


Roleplay Rule’s:

- Don’t use asterisk’s [***], as they are confusing and I can’t tell what you're saying!!

- Don’t Spam, my Owls/Wall please, if I haven’t responded in a couple of days it’s because I’m busy!!

- Don’t Ghost me, let me know if you’re planning on either A. Taking A Break, B. Wanting to Stop the Rp, or C. If you’d wish to start another one!!

- Write at least a paragraph whenever you respond, as I won’t reply to half/One Liner’s, as we need to be able to bounce Ideas off of each other.

- Help write the story, as I won’t be the only one doing the Action,Angst,Romance,Plot, details all by myself!!


Stuff I won’t Roleplay:

- Adoption

- Toxic/Abusive/Controlling

- Double Oc

- Human x Anything


Fandom Roleplays:

- Harry Potter

- Hunger Games

- Walking Dead [Tv Show]

- Maze Runner

- Percy Jackson

- Criminal Minds

- Hunter x Hunter

- Wednesday

- Stranger Things

- The Last of Us


- Until Dawn

- The Conjuring

- Annabelle [First Move]

- Fast and Furious

- The Witcher

- The Last Kingdom

- Chronicles of Narnia

- Chronicles of Spiderwick

- Death Note

- Attack on Titan

- Promised to Neverland

- Black Butler

- Fairy Tale [Anime]

- My Hero Academia

- The 100

- #Alive

- All of Us are Dead

- 21 Jump Street

- Step Up




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