Augustus Monroe Evans

Something waits within the shadows

Augustus Evans Here I'm Lily Evans Younger Brother so do be polite even to this Muggle! Discord: Muggle_Evans12#5983

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Augustus Monroe Evans



Auror/ Teacher at Hogwarts.



 [Not getting Sorry] Just Note: Lily is a year or two older than me!



Cat [Fur Color: Orange and White] 






Mr. Evans

Mrs. Evans



Lily Evans

Petunia Evans



Whenever me and my Older sister Lily grew up our parents were very proud of us for getting our Hogwarts Letters. Petunia was very upset even though she is my twin sister, we don’t get along as I'm closer to Lily even though she’s older than both me and Petunia. As me and my sister grew up at Hogwarts we made friends with James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. Once we all became in our top graduate classes my sister and her husband left to hide due to Lord Voldemort as I had also fled as well due to him hunting both Evans. I ended up hiding with Remus and Sirius before he got sent to Azkaban after we found out about the death of my sister and our friend James and Pettigrew [Who I hated for the longest time and never really saw as a friend.]




Chronicles of Narnia

Tanner Pevensie

Age:  14 [end of Rp 16 or 17 after the third movie.]


Peter Pevensie

Mother unknown [Due to her dying]


[Yes I know it’s faceless but he can look like anything but as a teenager though!]

[Starter Link: Starter [Oc Tanner Pevensie] ]


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Rp Fandom/Muggle



Stranger Things

Harry Potter

Hunter x Hunter

My Hero Academia

Walking Dead

Criminal Minds

Hunger Games


Sam and Colby


Chronicles of Narni



Possessive x Innocent 

Yandere x Anything 

Victim x Kidnapper 

Student x Teacher 

Principal x Student 



Mother x Daughter

Father x Daughter

Mother x Son

Step-Mother x Son

Step-Mother x Daughter

Step-Father x Daughter

Sister x Sister

Brother x Sister

Step-Brother x Sister

Step-Sister x Brother

Uncle x Niece

Aunt x Niece

Aunt x Nephew

Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female/Male] x Son

Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female/Male] x Daughter


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