Loki Nathanael Malfoy

My brother, told me "Don't give a Damn."

My mother, she told me "Don't be a quitter" My father, he told me "He knew I was" Hello I'm Loki and I'm A Malfoy don't Fuck with me.

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Hello I’m Loki Nathanael Malfoy and I’m a twin to Draco so don’t fuck with me okay I may be nice but piss me off and you won’t like what’s coming to you. I don’t give no warnings so if you being annoying or mean I’ll either block you or put you on my ban list for my wall so don’t TEST ME UNDERSTAND now that’s out of the way let me tell you so basic Info not giving full details as I have some private stuff for myself DUH! **Roles eyes annoyed** But any who you already know my name and last name as Stated, so don’t ask stupid questions okay. Now my birthday is June 5, 1980 same as Draco’s hence why were twins DUH, anywho my favorite subject is Potions and D.A.D.A class since those are what I’m taking mostly but I am an animagus unlike my twin who once got turned into a ferret which I thought was funny. But enough talk you all should be in your classes instead of talking with me no go shoo **waves hand in a go away motion**



People Not allowed on my wall.

[If you see them posting on my wall or anything of that nature let me know as I don’t want to associate with them]

Rp Rules and please at least try to follow them.


Don’t Ghost If you get tired of the Rp let me know Immediately so we can change it or if you’d want to leave TELL ME. 


DON’T SPAM  Please People. I need time to think just as much as you do okay so don’t be annoying with spamming I will answer you so don’t worry!


PLEASE GIVE ME SOMETHING: Don’t let me do all of the Action okay I hate when it’s only one side of the conversation doing it so please do something to make it interesting.


PLEASE WRITE: I don’t care how long your sentences are just give me something to go off of PLEASE!


Last one I do believe


PLEASE FOR GOD SAKE HAVE FUN if you wish to discuss more with the Rp before starting let me know and will keep discussing or if you’d like to Say something mid Rp Let me know okay!!


**Click Me to See** Fandom Oc's


My Muggle Ideas to do.

Student x Teacher


Quiet girl or boy x football or cheerleader


Friends to Lovers


Some Angst Rp


Lovers to Enemies [A reverse Rp]


Yandere Boyx Innocent Girl


Yandere Girl x Innocent Boy


Also here are some Forbidden Rp
Brother x sister


Brother x brother


Mother x Son


Father x son


Mother x Daughter


Father x Daughter


Next Door Neighbor Girl x Mother


Next Door Neighbor Boy x Father


Next Door Neighbor Boy x Mother


Next Door Neighbor Girl x Father


My theme Songs

Bad Blood Taylor Swift

Legends are made Sam Tinnesz

Legend The Score

Horns Bryce Fox

Watch Me The Phantoms

Talk Salvator Gancci

Motive x Promiscuous Khlaw






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