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Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You.

"Life sucks and I never tried suicide Mind's fucked even more than I realize."- Little Simz

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Favorite Song Quote:

“Oh, Father tell me, do we get what we deserve? Whoa, we get what we deserve.”




Hello there, I’m Gracie-Mae Beverly Weasley, I’m the Daughter of George and well I honestly don’t know since I’ve never met my mother but all I know is that I have, my dad and that’s all I need and I’m a halfblood since all dad says is mom is a muggleborn which I’m happy to be apart of my family as all my Uncles and Aunts are very overprotective me especially Uncle Ron Uncle Harry and Auntie Hermione. They are always there to help out dad which I think is very sweet of them since I know sometimes dad doesn’t know what to do half the time. But that’s besides the fact, everyone is super nice and loves to help me weather it comes to studying boys or magic [My aunts help me with boys mostly] **giggles cutely** but they are really important to me as I am to them so mess with me or you’ll face the wrath of Daddy and my aunts and uncles plus grandma and grandpa!!



For My Rp Rules!!!

[Please try to at least follow some if you can’t do all of them]

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  • Please be nice to me, as you would to anyone else as I hate mean or rude people when doing Rp or anything outside of it!!

  • I don’t mind Asterisk for actions [** these guys] since I tend to sometimes use them myself if I have to do a speech with some action in between.

  • Please Inform me if you want to leave or if you have to be off for a little while as I do understand since I have to do that as well.

  • Please give me time to reply as I need time to think and also I’m in a different time zone as you are as well so please let me think.

  • Don’t Spam Me Please I beg, as I know if I haven’t responded in a couple of hours it’s probably because I’m either A doing something or B thinking.

  • </ol>

    6.  Please at least write enough for me to know what to say whenever I reply next. I understand if you have to do something just let me know and don’t send the short answer please.

    7.  Have fun discussing the Rp. It doesn't need to be a short discussion. We can go on for hours if need be okay just take it and have fun with it!

    8.  Last one I promise!!!! Please let me know of any triggers or anything and also let me know if you have to go do something or like say go on vacation or something and won’t be able to respond let me know okay!!!!



    Rp Ideas

    I’m fine with maturity and I’m also fine with cursing as I tend to do that a lot so if you're fine with it then I am if you're not then I’m not since I like to make everyone feel comfortable in a Rp!!


    Lovers to friends [Reverse Harem]

    Friends to Lovers

    Enemies to lovers

    Student x Teacher

    Oc x Oc

    Character x Character

    Oc x Character

    Fxm FxF MxM

    Mother x Daughter

    Father x Daughter

    Father x Son 

    Mother x Son

    Quiet Girl x Football Captain

    Quiet girl x Cheerleading Captain

    Quiet Boy x Football Captain

    Quiet Boy x Cheerleading Captain

    Youtuber x Fan

    Zombie Apocalypse



    My Fandoms!

    Walking Dead

    Harry Potter

    Stranger Things 

    Criminal Minds

    Chronicles of Narnia

    6 Underground

    Big hero Six


    Pirates of the Caribbeanthe curse of the black Pearl 

    Avatar [Been a while]

    Maze Runner [Been a while]


    Until Dawn

    [Link: LET YOUR STORY BEGIN | Until Dawn - Part 1]

    And some others as I can’t seem to think at the moment



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