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Hello there I’m Finley Potter-Weasley and my parents are Ron and Harry, and I love them so much even though they don’t seem to make the best decisions half the time and its mostly Auntie Hermione who has to rescue them. So, any who Here is some Info about me!! 


Name: Finley Amelia Lola-Mae Potter-Weasley 

Age: 15 [Only for Rp though] 

Birthday: October 1st [Same as my dad Harry!!!] 

Patronus: Stag 

Favorite Classes: Potions and Herbology, plus a little bit of Flying [As I love Quidditch] 

Favorite Color: I like Carmel Brown, Cherry Wood, Lavender, Ocean [blue color], and Merigold. 

Favorite Books I’ve Read: Chronicles of Narnia, House of Shadows by Darcy Coates [Just started and already loving it] Twilight 

My Amortentia, Love Potion: Strawberry Shortcake, Honey, and Sugar 

Oh! I’m Also an Animagus which is a tiny white Fox! 


My Nick Names: 

Sneaky Fox [From Papa: Harry] Little One [From Daddy: Ron] Flower [God Parent: Draco] Mouse [God Parent: Hermione]  

And if you’d like to give me some then go ahead!!! I’d always love nicknames given to me by people and if you do give me a nickname only you are allowed to use it as I will write it down and put on my wall!! 





But any who that’s all the info I believe you need to know about me! I will list different ways to contact me so don’t worry!! 






I have just a few Rp Rules! 

1. No God Moding please it gets annoying whenever a character can’t die! 

2. Don’t SPAM Please I’m either trying to think of a response or trying to do something outside of HiH so PLEASE GIVE ME TIME!! 

3. Let me know if you need to leave for the Rp because I don’t want to assume that you’ve left or ghosted me since I don’t know so if you have to log off do something outside of HiH let me know okay!! 

4. Have fun it’s Rp after all if you want to discuss something with me either before Rp or during the Rp go ahead I’m not mean or scary when it comes to discussing okay!! 

5. Don’t GHOST Please if you’re tired of the Rp let me know and we can switch it up or do a different one okay!! 

6. Last one folks, I don’t care how long your sentences are just give me something at least to go off of  


also warning I’m just starting to get used to longer sentences so please don’t ask me to fix my grammar or spelling please it really Irks me when people do that, I’m not that great of a speller so please bear with me!!! 


Fandoms I do Know 

Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl 

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest 

Criminal Minds 

Stranger Things 

Walking Dead 

Harry Potter 


The 100th  

Hunter x Hunter 


Dragon Ball z Series 

Sword Art Online 

Fairy Tail 

Attack on Titan [haven’t seen the newer season’s yet] 




Rp’s, I do 

FxF FxM MxM 

I’m comfortable with anything so don’t worry about using whatever since I have no TRIGGERS 

Muggle Ideas 

Mother x Daughter 

Father x Daughter  

Brother x Sister 

Mother x Son 

Father x Son 

Brother x Brother  

Sister x sister 

Student x Teacher 

Normal Person x Criminal 

Friends to Lovers  

Enemies to Lovers 

Lovers to Enemies 


[We can always make our own type of world] 


Just friends Rp 

One night Stand 

Next door Boy x Mother 

Next Door Girl x father 

Next Door Boy x Father 

Next door Girl x Mother 




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