Fynn Mali Sirius Malfoy

"Don't fear death only fear the Living."

Hello I'm a wee bit shy as I'm the youngest Malfoy Son so please be nice to me as well as Kind!!! I hope to **Looks down a little* make some friends hopefully.❤

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Here Are my Female Oc's

**Click me to see** Female Oc's

Here are my Male Oc's

[Will add later!!]


Hello these are the times I'm going to be on since I'm on a computer okay!!

Monday- Wenesday: 9 Am to 11:30 Am and later in the evening 2:30-3:30 Pm to about 11:00-3:00 Am

[I will be on sometimes but doesn't always since I don't want to be signed out of my account!!]

Thursday and Friday I do work so I'll be on later around 4:30-5:30pm to about 11:00-3:00 Am

Saturday and Sunday: I will be on anytime of the day but I will post on my wall for when I'm on so keep on the look out for when I post online okay!!


Hello everyone I’m Fynn Mali Sirius Malfoy and I’m the youngest Malfoy son, and I love Writing Reading Studying and also having a lot of free time, while also having a morel sense of behaving even though I’m the youngest I can still be mean and have a lot of Hatred so think before making fun of me. 



My fandoms for Rp!

Harry Potter

Walking Dead

Stranger Things

Pirates of the Caribbean

Until Dawn [Horror Game]

Chronicles of Narnia 

Percy Jackson

The Witcher

The Last Kingdom

Also I know more then this just can’t think of them at the moment!


Also some Anime just owl me to know what kind



Hello and Welcome to my Rules for Rp!!

[I only have 3 Rules okay!!!]


No Ghosting: I understand if you’re busy but if you’re tired of the Rp let me know and we can change it or stop it completely as I’m very understandable when it comes to Rp as I understand people can’t always do Rp!!!

No Spamming: Please understand, that I may be thinking or could be busy as I’m doing stuff outside of HiH, and also I’m on a computer so I will post below this the times I’m going to be on okay!!

Let Me Know When: and what I mean by that is that if you have to go somewhere or be off for a little while tell me as I understand the circumstances!!


[I will add more rules if I see fit!!]



Muggle Ideas

Student x Teacher

Pirate x Princess

Pirate x Prince

Queen x Servant [male of female]

King x Servant [male or female]

One night Stand 

Forbidden Rp

Brother x Sister

Brother x Brother

Mother x Daughter

Father x Daughter

Father x Son

Mother x Son

Next door neighbor x Daughter

Next door neighbor x Son


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