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hi im amber and i love reading!!

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my wand: vine and phoenix feather, 11¾ inches, quite bendy and flexible. my patronus: calico cat. esfp. metamorphmagus.

background: i grew up in a non-magical household in hampstead. both my parents and grandparents were non-magical, and it came as a surprise when i received my letter inviting me to study at hogwarts. growing up, i do remember some signs of magic- when i was 5, i scraped my knee pretty badly and was horribly disappointed, as my parents refused to let me go to the waterpark the next day as we had planned. they didn't want the wound to worsen or become infected. however, the next day, the scrape had miraculously recovered. i remember my parents being very surprised and confused, but to my joy they let me go to the waterpark. this was the first sign that i was magical.

another small sign came when i was 7. i had picked a flower that had not yet bloomed from my grandmother's garden, and when i touched it, the flower bloomed instantly.

my parents were really surprised and pleased when the wizard from the ministry of magic came to inform us that i had been accepted into hogwarts, and they are fully supportive of my being a witch and receiving magical education instead of a regular one. i'm really grateful for that and happy that i'm a witch.


name: amber brooke simpson

nationality: british

place of birth: morecambe bay

place of residence: hamspstead, london


hair colour: wheat blonde (can sometimes look like light brown)

skin colour: fair

eye colour: green/blue (looks different in different lightings)




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