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Full Name: Evelyn Smith


Nicknames: Evie, Eve, Smith


Age: 11


Year: 1st Year


Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff


Ilvermorny House: Pukwudgie


Blood Status: Pureblood


Nationality: Britsh/White  (European)


Wand Wood: Apple Wood


Wand Core: Unicorn Hair


Wand Length: 12 inches


Wand Flexibility: Flexible


Hogwarts Pet: Squeaks, A Northan Hawk-owl that is a medium-sized owl his colouring is relatively dark brown with an off-white spotting pattern on all dorsal parts of the body with the exception of the back of the neck which boats a black V-shapped pattren. His underbelly is generally white or off-white which continues to the toes with brown bands on the stomach. It also boasts a long tail with brown banding. Squeaks has a smokey-white face with a black border, a flat head, yellow percing eyes and a curved, yellow beak. 


Patronus: Falcon


Animagi: Red fox, she looks quite regular appart from her secialised markings, lighter ginger swirls matching her hair around the head and down the back of her neck. 






Father: Joel Smith, an Auror  (Ravenclaw)


Mother: Honey-Marie Smith, Breeder of Crups (Hufflepuff)


Siblings: Older brother (Casper Joey Smith - Gryffindor) and two younger sisters, twins ( Jasmine Auroa Smith - Will Be Ravenclaw and Kyla Lola Smith - Will Be Hufflepuff)


Pets: A Crup, (Ember, Male, Tends to wear a red bandana)

Other Family: None, that she knows of.






Skin: Fair tan, in the middle between pale and tan. 


Facial Features: Her eyes are a softer green but not pale, long dark lashes swoop nicely under and overtop giving them and refreshed, healthy look. Culy dark yet bright ginger curls swooped around her face, her matching eyebrows useually furled in an soft and happy smile. Her lips are on the plumper side and fit her face perfectly. They are dyed the hot pink beacuse when their natual colour blend in with her skin tone perfectly. She has a brown heart drawn under her left eye with lots of tiny freckles dotted around it, her nose and face.


Hair Features: Her ginger locks curl around her face, untameable at times but natually very nice looking. After being straightened and styled you can almost always guarantee that it wouldn't recurl for a week or so.


Other Features: She is average hight, around 5'2.


Clothing Style: *Below will be a document link with many links inside that shows what she wears as a first year. WIP-COMING SOON*






Personality Type: Kind, Caring


Sun Sign: Virgo


Moon Sign: Libra


Rising Sign: Virgo


Key Traits: Funny, Shy, Introverted


Minor Traits: Friendly, Quiet, Kind and Soft


Likes: Magic, Creatures of all kinds, Music (TV Girl, Girl In Red, Scouting for Girls)


Dislikes: Self-absorbed people, Disrespectful people, Cruel people, Abusers


Enemies: N/A


Frenemies: N/A


Acquaintances: N/A


Friends: N/A


Best Friends: N/A


Lover: N/A

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