Bayley Emily-Jane Weasley

"But when our fingers interlock."

"I'm a daddy's girl, but I can also be a Mommy's girl to." **Wink Wink** All you need to know is that I'm a sexy Weasley/Potter. Discord: Bumblebee_Rp!#9512

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Here are some ways to contact me in case the site ever goes down!!


~ Discord: Bumblebee_Rp!#9512


~Pinterest: @malfoybumblebee

~ WattPad: @BumbleBee_Lover12

[Yes I know it say’s Malfoy even though I’m a Weasley/Potter child he’s my godfather now shush!]




~ Harry Potter

~Walking Dead

~Criminal Minds

~Chronicles of Narnia

~Stranger things


[I know more but these are the ones I know like the very best]



Muggle Idea Rp’s

~ Any thing Forbidden [Like Brother x Sister Father x Daughter that type of things!]

~Romance [Can do MxM FxF FxM Since I’m Bi I’m okay with anything]

~Friends to Lovers 

~ Mature

~ Oc x Character

~Oc x Oc

~Character x Character

~or just a generic Friends Rp


Rp Rules and Some General things I will do or Wont!

~Don’t Spam please [Reasoning: I’m not really that much on my laptop and I sometimes will have Shitty Internet so I won’t be able to get on so please also understand that I also need time to think!]


~ Don’t GOD MOD: [Reasoning: it gets annoying when characters can’t die, Granted unless it’s a quirk for MHA then I understand okay!]


~ No Maury Sues or Gary Stu [Reasoning: Not everyone is perfect so please don’t make your character not have any flaws while Rp with me!]


~ Don’t Ghost: [Reasoning: Please I understand that the Rp takes time to discuss for As a Book Writer I know, but it’s hard to keep track of who’s still Rp and Not as I don’t want to delete a conversation when in reality the person it still Rp with me okay!]


~Please Inform: Reasoning: If you have like other things going on outside of HiH Like WORK WEDDING VACATION or JUST NEED TIME let me know I’m very understanding and won’t get mad it’s just means will put our Rp on HOLD OKAY!!!]


~Have Fun: [Reasoning: It’s Rp so if you want action or a like a fight scene to happen in between the characters go for it that’s the point it’s our own universe so anything can happen, also don’t let me be the only one caring all the action please as that does tend to get annoying!]



Here Are something’s I won’t do


~Enemies to lovers

[Reason being is because I haven’t done a lot of it and plus I’m not really the type of person who does anything mean okay!]


~Just anything Mean [I’m a really nice person and mean things just make me uncomfortable so please don’t ask me to do those please and thank you!]



Here are Some things I can do for Rp

~I can do Sex scenes as I’m fine with them but [I will let you know if I get to uncomfortable!]


~I can do mostly anything as I don’t have any TRIGGERS so we're good on that okay.!

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