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Live your life an be free butterflies!

I'm Priscilla daughter of Sirius Black and Nymphadora Tonks nice to meet everyone *waves shyly*

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Favorite Song


Monsters [Acoustic Ruelle] 

Ruelle - Monsters (Acoustic Version)


So you wanna start a war In the age of icons So you wanna be immortal

With a loaded gun So you wanna start a war, war So you wanna start a war, war.”



“When you close your eyes, what do you see? Do you hold the light or is darkness underneath?

In your hands, there's a touch that can heal But in those same hands, is the power to kill.”

-Sam Tinnesz




Hello I’m Priscilla Lacey-Mae Black, daughter of Sirius Black and Nymphadora Tonks. And I’m in Slytherin even though both of my parents were in Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, which my everyone found weird but who care my parents are gone destroyed due to the one called Bellatrix Lestrange and Lord [Well not really a Lord no more] Voldemort at the battle of Hogwarts.As I grew up an orphan Mrs. Granger and Mr. Weasley [Ron and Hermione] had both adopted me as they’re own as I was born during the battle of hogwarts and have been living with them ever since even though I sometimes feel like an outcast due to all them being Gryffindor which I’m not but Mrs.Granger says I’m not but I don’t believe her which is why it’s hard to make friends as I’m always the loner at school, and at home as none of my other brothers and sisters want to play with me due to just my House.




~ Writing


~ Reading 


~ Listening to Music


~ Watching movies/tv shows


~ Making Youtube Videos [Mostly Amv’s]

~ Playing with my dog


~ Playing Video Games


Rp Rules-

~ Please treat me with kindness as you do other’s please!

~ No SPAMMING I MEAN IT if you spam I will either Block or tell you to stop with ONE WARNING so KEEP IT IN MIND!

~ No God Modding, Mary Sues, or Gary Stue NO ONE IS PERFECT!!!!

~ I’ll try to respond ASAP, but if I don’t respond please, refer back to one of my rules but if it’s been a day or two POST ON MY WALL A HEY OR HELLO!

~ Have FUN WITH THE RP, it’s our AU WORLD so anything can happen okay!



I will add more rules in the future to how I see fit!




Here are my Fandom Rp’s- 

~ Harry Potter

~ The 100th

~ Stranger Things

~ Until Dawn

~ Criminal Minds

~ Walking Dead

I have more just owl me for them and Will discuss them!


Here are my Muggle Rp’s- 

~ Student x Teacher [can be set in highschool from freshman to Junior year]

~ Mother x Daughter

~ Father x Daughter

~ Mother x Son

~ Father x Son

~ Brother x Brother

~ Sister x Sister

~ Brother x Sister

~ Uncle x Niece

~ Aunt x Niece

~ Next Door Neighbor x Daughter

~ Next Door Neighbor x Son

~ Quiet Girl x Cheerleader

~ Quiet Girl x Football Captain

~ Quiet Boy x Football Captain

~ Quiet boy x Cheerleader

~ Stalker x Popular Student 




I can do FxF, FxM, or MxM but I mostly will Play Females but I can do Male occasionally if need be just keep that in mind okay thanks!!!


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