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Hi! I’m Alexandra Amanda, vengeful(but friendly!!) ghost of Katoka Village! I’m quite lonely, so if you’d like to be friends, don’t hesitate to ask!

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Since I was a little girl, I was always drawn to the occult. I would spend hours upon hours looking at urban legends, stories, curses, and rituals. But, my parents would disagree, always saying I should get out there, make new friends, all that stuff. We lived in a relatively small town, with nice people and an overalll safe place...or so we thought. Our town was full of muggles, so a wizard was rare to find here.It was there that I met my ex freind. She pretended to be into the same stuff that I was in.

 Pretty brave of her to even approach me. I had pitch black hair, as dark as the night sky, wore creepy/cute clothing (Lolita dresses, mainly. I always had a creepy accessory on me) and I had makeup that reflected who I was and what I did. I would carry around my journal that had all my information about the other world in it everywhere with me. It never left my side. It was thick and tall, about the size of a school textbook.

It was falling apart, as most well loved things tend to do, so I got a special skeleton head clasp, and used that to hold it together. So, when she approached me at lunch, I was astounded. I thought I had met someone as essentric and as weird as me. But oh how I was wrong. 

A few week after meeting her, the friendship was going great! She was so sweet, kind and funny! We would perform rituals that were too dangerous for the normal person. And we would laugh and sing and dance around while doing them, too. That was, until I figured out I was a witch. Ever since I figured out I had my magic, I poured into any books and resources I could find about death magic and the dark arts, always interested but never wanting to become a follower know who.

My once sweet friend turned vicious and controlling. Her jealousy had made a monster out of her. She wouldn't hang out after school like we used to, she would jeer and mock me in class and in the halls, and, instead of meeting up at midnight to perform the deadly rituals we always seemed to survive, she ghosted me and I was left to close it up by myself.

Fuming, I confronted her at first period one day. She only laughed at me, apologized, and asked if I wanted to come and meet her and her friends behind the school at 11:55pm. Excited because I thought she wanted to perform a ritual with me, I happily agreed. What a fool I was.

After meeting up with her and her friends at said time, they started to unpack the materials. Not paying attention to what they were pulling out, I attempted to make small talk with her freinds. They, as expected, gave me dirty looks and muttered under their breath about me. Oh well. As the clock struck midnight, they finally finished setting up the array.

As I looked out at the morbidly amazing set up, I smiled. It was a pentagram drawn with red and black powder, with runes drawn in each of the points, There was a circle surrounding the outer points, and the inner gathering also had a circle. So basically, it looked like a pentagram with a circle in the middle. There was a large, sharp knife with a ruby encrusted in the handle. My favorite one.

As I was beginning to ask what we were going to do tonight, they pushed me in the middle of the circle. Panicking, I tried to run out, but before I could do so, one of the lackeys threw a match and the pentagram erupted into flames. They grabbed each others hands and made a circle around the death trap, and began to chant. I screamed at them to stop, but they wouldn't listen.

As the chanting grew more intense, I began to see something forming inside the pentagram beside me. I was horrified to see it was a shadowy figure pacing around me, looking hungry. As I begged my freind to please let me go, she only sneered and said "Don't you like this stuff, freak?"

Now shaking and crying, I concidered breaking down, but decided not to. I would not show any sort of weakness to the evil woman. Finally, the chanting ceased. I started to laugh, thinking it was a sick joke as relief flooded over me. But, my freind ran through the fire, and stopped in the middle circle with the knife in hand. She pushed me down, and sat on top of me so that I couldn't move. 

"Goodbye, you little mutant." She hissed in my ear "Nobody liked you anyways"

And with that, she plunged the knife into my chest,and my soul was taken.

In the afterlife, I stumbled upon this lovely school, where wizards and witches can roam free without any sort of oppression, and decided to make this my home. I now have white hair, as white as fresh snow, and am waiting to take revenge on any of those who wrong their friends. 

I take classes with other students, and am quite lonely. Won't you stay and chat awhile?



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